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Fellini dreams on a Lizzie McGuire budget? In a word: Absolutely! Of course, no city is immune to its usual hiccups. Pickpocketing and bag snatching are a problem in many parts of the world, and Rome is no exception. Ensuring you exercise standard safety precautions will go a long way in protecting yourself. You may encounter people who ask for money, either begging directly, offering you a blessing in exchange for some cash, or providing a photo opportunity in exchange for a fee.

The key is to assume nothing comes free and act accordingly — not even if the sweet-looking Nonna offers to read your palm. Though not as hard-hit as other parts of Italy, Rome has suffered its share of the covid pandemic.

Make sure you have travel insurance for your trip which was good advice long before coronavirus came on the scene and try to avoid big crowds wherever possible. Admittedly, it can be a little challenging in one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world, but the added benefit of staggering your sightseeing is that you can enjoy some of the best sites in Rome without the crowds.

Big cities can be overwhelming, but you might be surprised at just how easy Rome is to navigate on foot. Of course, make sure to keep alert of your surroundings; stick to well-lit streets and squares. With most hostels these days offering both dormitory-style options and more hotel-style private rooms, Rome hostels range in style for every kind of travelling: for those looking to put their feet up after a long day of sightseeing, or party in the hostel bar until sunrise.

Some of the top hostel picks are below for every kind of traveller. Which one ticks your boxes? Boasting one of the best bars in Rome in its very own lobby, YellowSquare offers guests so many perks, freebies and additional paid events that you might have trouble getting out the door to actually see Rome. Start your morning with yoga classes on the rooftop, rock out to a live show from a range of local bands, take a cooking class to learn how to cook some of the traditional food in Rome, or take a shopping tour with local guides.

Because of its wide array of events and its location just a few blocks from the central Termini Station, YellowSquare books out fast. Generator Rome is located in Esquilino District, renowned for its old-school, authentic Italian vibe.

Rome — arguably more so than any other city — embraces the simple pleasures in life. A busy square with grandparents peppered on the benches as their grandchildren run and play around the fountains, the warm-orange glow of streetlights on a stroll along the Tiber river, vibrant gelato on a warm summer afternoon — what could be more quintessentially Italian? So stunning that even Michelangelo himself said that surely it was the work of angels rather than man, the Pantheon is an architectural wonder that was and remains spectacularly ahead of its time.

Thankfully, any confusion is instantly quashed by simply gazing a little higher, towards the pristine domed cella of the roof. No matter the time of year, this hole is never covered, so bear that in mind when you visit: Plenty of rainy-day visitors drawn to the perfect spotlight have found themselves in need of some dry clothes after succumbing to its call.

Entry to the Pantheon is free, but we recommend investing a little spare change to truly understand how this magnificent building has persisted throughout the ravages and triumphs of human history. Taking an audio tour will teach you all about how the Pantheon survived barbarian raids to become a Pagan temple, amongst other fascinating events that led to today, where it now stands in dedication to St Mary of the Martyrs. Standing 86 ft high and feet wide, the Trevi Fountain was completed in but more recently underwent a 2.

People frolic here at all hours of the day to toss a coin over their shoulder into the fountain, in homage to the not-so-imaginatively-named film: Three Coins in the Trevi Fountain. According to the legend, each coin carries its own ificance. The first ensures your future return to Rome, the second for new romance, and the third for marriage. But you as with just about everyone else can get by throwing in just one before calling it a day.

Or art-admirer. Or even just art-non-haters no, really — the city is so beautiful it can make an enthusiast out of anyone. Over a sprawling 5. Because of its rich history, Rome is an open-air museum that can be experienced from any street without needing to pay admission. Construction of the Colosseum began in 70 AD and ended in 80 AD, with a capacity of 50, people who convened to embody the demand for panem e circo bread and circuses — a phrase that remains as relevant today as it did back then. The history of the Colosseum is bloody and bleak. Gladiators battled against wild animals and each other, which led to staggering fatality rates — today estimated to be up to 1 million people during its years of use.

The demand for animals led to the extinction of several North African animals, from North African elephants to Nile River hippos. Despite the bloody past of the Colosseum, its architectural excellence and fascinating insight into Ancient Rome makes it well worth the visit. For mains, enjoy other local dishes such as rabbit in tomato sauce with potatoes, or pollo a la Romana chicken with peppers.

For the more adventurous eaters, offal options are plentiful and delicious. Deep dish or New-York style? Some of the best pizza in Rome can be found at Pizzeria Emma, just south of the Pantheon. This authentic brick restaurant combines attentive service, high-quality and varied dishes, and price points well-suited to any budget. One of the top picks would be the basil and buffalo cheese pizza, as well as the deep-fried zucchini flowers that make a delicious and crunchy appetiser.

Book in advance to snag a seat in the modest outdoor dining area. This bold enterprise proudly identifies as the point where ice cream meets high gastronomy. Some ambitious and delicious gelato flavours include eggnog, Himalayan pink salt and habanero chili. Congratulations — now you know the best places to visit in Rome, where to stay in Rome and the best spots in the city for traditional food. Are you a student in Italy? Enjoy a special discount when you up to University Box! Scarlett Hawkins is an Australian who went backpacking in her early twenties and kinda sorta forgot to come home. Now living in Southern Spain with her chef boyfriend, Scarlett can usually be found writing novels, cheerfully mangling the Spanish language, and cultivating a tangle of banana plants in hope of transforming her apartment into a jungle.

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La dolce vida madrid speed dating

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la dolce vida madrid speed dating