Knoxville news sentinel classifieds dogs

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Start your search with us and come to the shelter! Pets cannot be identified over the phone. If you've lost your furry friend, start your search with us. YWAC is the only facility in Knox County permitted to house stray animals and the most likely place to find your missing feline or canine. We are closed from for animal quiet time and staff breaks.

Prevent a loss before it happens! Ask us about microchips, identification tags that never fall off. Call us! If you find a stray animal in Knoxville or Knox County, call our Intake department directly at Even if you hope to keep the pet, you are required by law to post it with us for 10 days. If the animal is not claimed during that day period, you may re-home it.

If you have no plans to keep the pet, please bring it to our main facility, Division Street, We are open seven days a week from 10 a. We are closed from for animal quiet time and staff lunches. It is likely that they have not truly been abandoned, and they have a better chance of survival if they remain with their mother.

And unfortunately, our shelter does not have the resources to save every kitten that comes through our doors. Mama cats have to leave their babies from time to time to search for food for themselves, relieve themselves, or just take a break and have some quiet time. They may be gone up to 8 hours, but are usually not far. She knows how to do this better than any humans do. Monitor the area, checking every few hours. Approach quietly and cautiously.

If mama is near, and she feels that you are a threat to her babies, she will move them. Usually the first place she chose for them is the safest one for her little ones. Lost and Found Pets. View Current Strays. Lost a Pet? Micro-Chipping Prevent a loss before it happens! Found a Stray? Looking for your Lost Pet?

Knoxville news sentinel classifieds dogs

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