Kittens memphis tn

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Are you ready to adopt an indoor cat? We have many in our program that are ready for their forever homes. Browse through our adoptable cats and complete the application below. The Memphis Pets Alive! Adopters must be at least 21 years of age. Vet references must be provided. Cats must be indoor only and declawing is not allowed. Adopters must be local to the Greater Memphis area. Form must be completed in its entirety.

Are you looking for a working cat? Scroll to the bottom of the to complete our working cat adoption application. Home Our Story Volunteer! Our Foster Program Foster Cats! Foster Dogs! Our Adoption Program Adopt Cats! Adopt Dogs! Indoor Cat Adoption Application. Memphis Pets Alive! Declawing is not allowed. Cats adopted from Memphis Pets Alive! If you are interested in adopting an outside cat, please ask us about our Working Cat Program.

I have read and understand the above adoption requirements. Which cat s are you interested in adopting? Personal Information. First Name. Last Name. Address 1. Address 2. How long have you been at your current job? Residential Information. If other, please specify where. If you Own your Home, for how long? If you rent, please list your Landlord's name and phone :. Has your landlord be notified that your are adding and additional pet to your home? Yes No. Are there any restrictions on the of pets in your household?

Are you prepared to pay a pet deposit to your landlord if required? Pet Ownership History. Have you owned pets before? What pets do you currently own or have ly owned in the past five years? Pet's Name. How long owned?

Do you still currently own this pet? If no, please list reason. If you currently own additional pets, please list their names and requested information above. Are there any other pets in your household are not listed above?

Roommate, family member, etc. If there are additional pets in your household, please list them here:. Have you ever adopted from a shelter or a rescue group? If so, which group s? Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter?

If so, please list reason s. Are your current pets up to date on annual vaccinations? Please list your current veterinarian's name and contact information. Does anyone in your home have allergies? If yes, please explain. Does every adult member of your household agree with the adoption of this new pet?

This includes family, roommates, etc. Where will your new pet be kept? If other please specify where. What will you do with your new pet if you decide to move? What will you do with your new pet when you travel business, vacation, etc. I will de-claw this cat. I am looking for a cat that is already de-clawed. I will not de-claw or perform any type of tendonectomy to this cat. Are you financially able and willing to pay the ongoing costs of feeding and caring for your new pet? Please list any characteristics of a pet that would not fit your family or lifestyle. Please include any additional information you would like for us to consider when reviewing your application.

If you have no prior or recent experience in pet ownership, please list two personal references below. References should be at least 21 years of age. Please list contact information for at least two personal references. Name, relationship to applicant, phone . What will happen to your pets if you become unable to care for them in the event of hospitalization or demise? By ing below, I certify that the above information provided is current and true to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that upon review of this application, Memphis Pets Alive! If approved, I agree to pay the applicable adoption fee. Working Cat Adoption Application. Farm with Barn. Do you rent or own this facility? Do you Currently have Outdoor Cats? How many cats are you interested in adopting? Will you provide fresh food and water daily? Is there anything extra you'd like us to know?

Kittens memphis tn

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