Kicker l7 hook up

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Joe S. You are going to want to build a Ported Enclosure. Specs are going to depend on how much space your willing to use in your vehicle. Posted on Monday, August 15, - GMT i have a extended cab truck im gonna use the whole back for my box. Posted on Monday, August 15, - GMT Its all there just pick one of the high efficiency ones, the largest is 6 cubic feet!! Posted on Wednesday, August 17, - GMT This sub is only rated for wrms in a ported box, Your amp will do wrms 2ohms or wrms 4ohms So as your amp wont do 1ohm stable i take it you'll be wiring it 4ohm If you are going to use the hole back do you mean rear of cabin or pickup bed?

If i were you and you only plane on 1 of theis sub idd downgrade amp to a zx The sub can handle watts RMS in this enclosure. Posted on Thursday, August 18, - GMT so your saying that i cant wire my amp and sub at 1 ohm and just have my amp turned down kinda new to this stuff. Posted on Thursday, August 18, - GMT That amp is only able to run 2 ohm stable Youll need to wire it a 4 ohm so ill have wrms then when yoy get another 1 wire it at 4 ohm and wire both in parrell to give 2ohm at amp Giving both subs wrms each If you wire up at 1 ohm and connect youll be pushing around wrms into that sub and the amp and sub wont last 5 minutes The people who sold you the set up was smart to sell you zx

Kicker l7 hook up

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Kicker Solo-Baric L7 Series 06S12L74