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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. This is an I sent to a friend who was curious about what I used to do with a jerk off buddy.

She had already had one story from me. This is the next story I sent her I told you about the guy that I used to jerk off with from time to time. It started off somewhat by accident as we would trade porn back and forth. After a while we stopped trading and would watch them together. The first time we jerked off together was kind of awkward as neither of us had ever done that before and neither of us had ever been naked like that in front of another guy. We weren't sure where to look, if we should keep our eyes on the movie or if we were allowed to take a look at what the other was doing.

If we took a look would it mean we were gay or weird When we started we would be sitting about as far from each other in the room as we could. Whatever two seats in front of the tv were furthest apart is where we would sit. Over time we started to get more comfortable and would not worry too much about where we were sitting. As we got comfortable we would talk to each other more while watching the movie and jerking. We would make comments about how hard each other was and we would let each other know where we were at on our road to orgasm. This took about 6 or 7mos of meeting a few times a month to get to this comfort level.

Around that time we were always sitting right next to each other on the couch as we watched the movie and jerked off. There was no more uncomfortable separation in the room and we both were comfortable with what was going on. We both knew that what we were doing did not make us gay and did not threaten our sexuality at all as we were both married and both were very active with our wives. This was just something we were both doing on the side that our wives did not know about that was a fun outlet for us.

He was the first one to break the contact barrier. One day we were watching one of our movies and had been jerking for about 20 minutes or so and he asked me if he could feel how hard I was. We were very comfortable with each other at this point so his request didn't bother me at all. I thought it would be cool to let him feel and I told him sure he could if I could do the same. I took my hands off my cock and he turned towards me and took hold of the base of my shaft with his hand. We were both using baby oil for lube because baby oil lasts a long time and does not dry out so you can masturbate a long time with out needing to re-lube.

My cock was already oiled and so was his hand because that was what he was using on himself. He had his hand wrapped around my cock and he was squeezing me tight. He commented that I was very hard and that I definitely felt thicker than his did. At this point he started to move his hand up my shaft until the top of his hand got to the ridge of my head and he stopped. He then commented that he thought my head was cool and he loved the shape of it. He slid his hand up over my head and then back down my shaft and he pumped my cock a few times and then he stopped.

Now it was my turn to return the favor. I turned towards him now and took hold of his cock the same way he did to mine. It did feel very strange because the only cock I had ever had in my hand and been mine. I was very familiar with the feel of my own cock and the difference in the shape and size of his and my cock felt immediately apparant when I took hold of him. He was about an inch or so longer than me because more of his cock stuck out past the top of my hand when I had my hand around his base but it was thinner.

His head was about the same size as his shaft too. Not too much difference between head and shaft which I thought was interesting. What was the most remarkable about him was the size of his balls. They were then and still are the biggest I have ever seen. They looked like they were about the size of small eggs. At this point I decided that I was not just going to take a quick feel. I decided that I was going to give him a handjob all the way until he came. I turned more towards him and got on the floor in front of him between his legs.

I had my left hand wrapped around his cock and I used my right hand to hold the skin at the base of his cock while I started to slowly stroke up and down his cock. I maintained a good steady pace going from the base of his shaft all the way up over his head and back down again.

He had his head tilted back on the couch with his eyes closed and I could definitely tell that his breathing had changed. His balls which had been hanging low when I started had tightened up as tight as they could get. There was no loose skin in his ball sac at all. I had a pretty good idea that I was getting him closer to cumming with each stroke. I was fascinated by how his balls looked at this point so I continued to use my left hand to work on his cock but I now took my right hand and started to play with his balls.

How he was sitting with his legs spread gave me full access to his balls. I cupped my hand around them and his balls filled up my entire hand. I could tell now that I had him on the edge. The heel of my hand was resting against the area between his balls and asshole and I could feel the twitching. Having him on the edge I wanted to keep him there as long as possible. I changed the way I was pumping his cock so that when I was going up and down his shaft I did not touch his head at all. I kept the strokes just on his shaft. I kept him on the edge for about 10 minutes using his breathing and the feel of his contractions to tell me when he was about to pass the point of no return at which point I would back off.

After 10 minutes he told me he really needed to cum and that I needed to get him there. I kept holding his balls and I changed how I was stroking him. The first time my hand passed up over his head he let out an audible groan and said oh yes. He was on his way. I felt his cock swell up in my hand and his breathing quickened and his legs tightened up. His cock exploded. It was an incredible cum shot. The first spurt shot up in the air almost 4ft and came down on my arm.

He had 8 big spurts like that with each one being a long ribbon of cum that shot up in the air to come down on my hands and arm and on his stomach and chest. After the 8 spurts he had several more contractions that caused cum to ooze from his head. As he entered that part of his orgasm I had my hand squeezing his shaft squeezing more cum out of his head.

As his orgasm subsided his cock started to soften in my hand and his balls started to loosen. I asked him how that felt and he told me it was one of the most powerful orgasms he had ever had. After he recovered, he returned the favor to me. I was so turned on from giving him the handjob and I had been at the excited state for so long that I did not last very long once he started. Took just a few minutes and I was unloading. It was a great feeling that first time and it became a regular practice for us to jerk each other off when we were watching movies now.

A few weeks after we started doing the handjobs for each other I was giving him a handjob. I was kneeling in front of him and was slowly stroking his cock when out of no where the thought of sucking him just popped in to my head. Once I thought it, I didn't hesitate. I had my hand around the base of his cock and I wrapped my mouth around his head and had a cock in my mouth for the very first time. This surprised the hell out of him. He had his head back and eyes closed and when he felt my mouth around his cock he jumped a bit but didn't tell me to stop.

He just said that he wondered which of us was going to be the first to try this because he had been thinking about it for some time too. The story is getting long so I'll just say that I got the job done with that first blow job. Took me about 15 minutes and I was starting to think that I wasn't doing a very good job. I was working on trying to keep a good pace and keep my mouth wrapped around him so I wasn't able to pay much attention to any of his cum als and I didn't think I was going to get him there Well a few days have passed and my Jack off buddy and I have done everything except suck each others cock.

Well we mutually agreed to try it. But we agreed to go forward at a slow pace. We started with mutual stroking of each others cocks and then lick a suck on each others cock. From there we moved to sucking each other without cumming. After a few sessions of this we went a little farther, and sucked each others cock and pulled out and let our buddie cum all over our chests, we did this for a few weeks.

It was time to go for it. I was first. I took Mikes cock into my mouth and sucked him slowly at first then I sped it up to the point where I was sucking him with all I had. After a few minutes of this Mike's cock exploded in my mouth spewing cum shot after cum shot down my throat.

I swallowed every last drop. Now it was my turn. Mike licked my cock and balls and then suck me until I exploded into a mind blowing orgasm! Wow my leggs were shaking as Mike sucked my cock dry. We will be repeating this wonderful cum sucking weekly!! I am in my late 60's and the wife wants nothing to do with me sexually. So I jerk off 2 or 3 times a week.

My neighbor was in a similar situation as we discussed one afternoon while having a beer. We continued to discuss our lack of sex with our wives for a few weeks. One afternoon , he suggested that we could jack off together. We both agreed. We agreed we would play with each others cock and see what happens.

Well I was first , I oiled up Mikes cock and jacked him off to an enormous ejaculation. He said he hasn't had an orgasm like that in 30 years, I was next, Mike lubed up my cock and proceeded to jack me off to an intense orgasm as well. We even used our cum as lube to jack off with. This went on for several weeks , 2 or 3 times weekly. Then one day Mike said we should try anal sex. We were had mid size cocks and had both been pegged before, so we went at it. We both had incredible orgasms. It was almost like fucking a pussy. We were both in our glory. At this point we discussed if we would go to the 'Final " step and suck each others cock.

Well were aren't there Yet. But we shall see what happens! My neighbor and I jacked together and played with each other's cocks while looking at porn mags. Then, one day he asked if he could suck my hard cock, and I obliged. Felt so good. We would meet up regularly so he could suck me off. Very nice story, well told; tone is natural rather than manufactured. I had a similar memorable mutual jack off that did not start too promising since I was the only one masturbating my cock in my friend's backyard while while he just watched.

But then the next time we saw each other - I was sitting in this living room - he called to me from the bathroom. To my surprise, he was standing in front of the mirror, completely nude, his legs wide apart, stroking his cock.

Jerk buddy stories

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