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Find out about the EOL process. We have also prepared this Migration Guide to assist in the transition from Chat to Conversations. This application allows users to exchange messages through different channels, using the Twilio Programmable Chat API. On this example, we'll show how to use this API capabilities to manage channels and their usages.

Properati built a web and mobile messaging app to help real estate buyers and sellers connect in real time. Learn more here. For your convenience, we consolidated the source code for this tutorial in a single GitHub repository. Feel free to clone it and tweak as required.

In order to create a Twilio Programmable Chat client, you will need an access token. We generate this token by creating a new AccessToken and providing it with an ChatGrant. On our controller we expose the endpoint responsible for providing a valid token. Using this parameter:. It uses tokenGenerator. Generate method to get hold of a new token and return it in a JSON format to be used for our client. Now that we have a route that generates JWT tokens on demand, let's use this route to initialize our Twilio Chat Client.

With the token we can create a new Twilio. AccessManager , and initialize our Twilio. After initializing the client, we can call its method getPublicChannelDescriptors to retrieve all visible channels. The method returns a promise which we use to show the list of channels retrieved on the UI. This application will try to a channel called "General Channel" when it starts. If the channel doesn't exist, we'll create one with that name. The scope of this example application will show you how to work only with public channels, but the Programmable Chat client allows you to create private channels and handles invitations.

Notice we set a unique name for the general channel as we don't want to create a new general channel every time we start the application. Next we listen for channel events. In our case, we're setting listeners to the following events:. Just like with channels, we can register handlers for events on the Client:. We've actually got a real chat app going here, but let's make it more interesting with multiple channels. Creating a channel is as simple as calling createChannel with an object that has the friendlyName key.

You can create a channel with more options listed on the Channels section of the Programmable Chat documentation. When you tap on the name of a channel from the sidebar, that channel is set as the selectedChannel. The selectChannel method takes care of ing to the selected channel and setting up the selectedChannel. At some point your users will want to delete a channel. Let's have a look at how that can be done. Deleting a channel is even more simple than creating one.

The application lets the user delete the channel they are currently ed to through the "delete current channel" link. The only thing you need to do to actually delete the channel from Twilio, is call the delete method on the channel you are trying to delete. Like other methods on the Channel object, it'll return a promise where you can set the success handler.

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Java free chat

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