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Here is a partial list of famous South Carolinians. Learn more about South Carolina Hall of Fame inductees here. Her interest in education led her in to found the Daytona Normal and Industrial Institute for Negro Girls now Bethune-Cookman College in Florida, where she served as president from and from Bethune was a leader in the black women's club movement and served as president of the National Association of Colored Women.

She was a delegate and advisor to national conferences on education, child welfare and home ownership. She also served as director of Negro Affairs in the National Youth Administration , was a consultant to the Secretary of War, and was appointed consultant on interracial affairs and understanding at the charter conference of the National Council of Negro Women. She was the first African-American woman to be involved in the White House, assisting four different presidents.

Bethune died May 18, Johnson High School. After graduation from the US Naval Academy, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Science, he accepted a commission as second lieutenant in the US Marine Corps, underwent flight training and became a naval aviator. James Butler Bonham was one of the brave men who died defending the Alamo. Born in Red Banks on February 20, , Bonham enrolled in South Carolina College but was expelled with the entire senior class for rebelling against school regulations and food. He studied law and opened a practice in Pendleton. Bonham was twice sent as a messenger seeking reinforcements for the garrison at the Alamo.

On March 3, , Bonham broke through the Mexican lines and rode under heavy fire back into the Alamo, becoming the last man to enter the doomed mission fortress. He died alongside childhood friend Col. He continues to play for the Ravens. Brown made his mark as a member of the South Carolina Legislature where he served for some 50 years.

He also legislated fiscal responsibility in state government and mandated a sound educational system at all levels, which led to the development of the South Carolina Educational Television system, the model for ETV stations nationwide. The Edgar A. James Brown is known as the "Godfather of Soul" and the "hardest working man in show business. Pierce Butler was descended from the family of the Dukes of Ormond. Before the American Revolution, he was a major in a British regiment at Boston. He later became an advocate of the republican institutions of and was a South Carolina delegate to Congress.

He served on the convention that framed the constitution and was one of the first senators elected by South Carolina after the adoption of the federal constitution. Butler died in at age He dropped out of parochial school at 14 to help his mother with her dressmaking business. Byrnes later found employment with a law firm. The firm's partners taught him law and he was admitted to the bar in After several terms in the state legislature, Byrnes was elected to the US Senate in and while in the Senate became a strong supporter of President Roosevelt's New Deal.

President Truman appointed him Secretary of State. Byrnes moved back to SC and served as governor. Calhoun graduated with honors from Yale University in , went on to law school and was admitted to the South Carolina bar in He served in the State Legislature from to , where he helped establish a balance of power between the state's tidewater planters and piedmont farmers. From until his death, Calhoun served in the federal government successively as congressman, secretary of war, vice president, senator, secretary of state and again as senator.

He has been declared one of the five greatest senators of all time. Checker recorded the tune and before graduation, the song and Checker were hits. Checker continues to entertain crowds. She knew many well-known people of that era and recorded her experiences in a series of diaries that became the principal source materials for her famous portrait of the Confederacy. Chestnut's diary, an interesting of the Civil War from the viewpoint of an active Southern woman, slave holder and plantation owner, was published in under the title "A Diary from Dixie.

Several of his novels have been turned into movies. Conroy was living on Fripp Island when he passed away in March She also was a member of the World Cup Team in In Daniel set a record for the most consecutive rounds in the 60s with nine. During the season, Daniel earned four top finishes and was a member of the victorious Solheim Cup team. James Dickey was a distinguished poet, novelist and critic. Two of his most famous volumes of verse are "Helmets" and "Buckdancer's Choice," for which he was awarded the National Book Award in Dickey taught, lectured and wrote.

From to he held the position of Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress, an office that would later become the Poet Laureate. The next year he penned his best-selling novel "Deliverance," a whitewater rafting thriller set on the Chattooga River. He also wrote the screenplay for the book, which was made into a major motion picture and nominated for an Academy Award in Dickey continued to teach at USC until his death Jan. He was hired by owner Bill Veeck in to play for the Cleveland Indians.

He had a career batting average or. William Henry Drayton — was a wealthy Lowcountry planter and zealous Whig patriot leader who was at the center of Revolutionary activity in South Carolina from until his death five years later. He was a statesman of great decision and energy, and one of the most gifted political writers South Carolina has produced.

Born October 3, , Charles M. Duke lived in Lancaster during his youth and attended Lancaster High School before moving to Florida. Duke was selected by NASA in and served as member of the astronaut support crew for the Apollo 10 flight. He served as lunar module pilot of Apollo 16 April , , the first scientific expedition to inspect, survey and sample materials and surface features of the lunar highlands. Duke retired from the astronaut program in and is a private businessman. A graduate of Dreher High School and the University of South Carolina, English went on to become the NBA's most prolific scorer during the s and remains the seventh-leading scorer in league history.

English dominated during the s. During 10 full seasons in Denver, English played in eight straight All-Star Games, won a scoring title, averaged more than 23 points nine years in a row, and led the Nuggets to nine consecutive postseason appearances although never to the finals. The sleek, 6'7. His books include Southern Fried; Dr. Frazier fought Muhammad Ali for the heavyweight title three times.

He is most remembered for the fight at Madison Square Garden in March , where he defeated Ali to become the undisputed heavyweight champ. Frazier's pro record was , with 27 KOs. A trailblazing national and international known athlete Althea Gibson was born in the rural community of Silver. Her family later moved to Harlem where she came to the attention of Dr. Walter Johnson who became her patron. Gibson won a total of 11 major titles in the s including singles at the French Open , Wimbledon , and US Open , She was the Associate Press Female Athlete of the Year , and the first black female to receive the award.

Following her retirement from tennis she continued to serve on various boards and commissions related to athletics. The youngest of nine children, Gillespie taught himself to play the trombone and then switched to trumpet when he was He grew up in poverty and won a scholarship to Laurinburg Institute in North Carolina, but dropped out to find work as a musician. Gillespie was one of the key founders of Afro-Cuban or Latin jazz and was a superb "scat" singer.

He also contributed arrangements to such bands as Jimmy Dorsey and Woody Herman. Sarah Grimke and Angelina Grimke Weld were a most unlikely pair to become staunch advocates of the abolition of slavery. Born into a wealthy slaveholding family the girls split their time between a townhouse in Charleston and a plantation in Beaufort. Angelina later ed her sister in the North where they traveled, lectured and wrote about their first-hand s of slavery and its abuses. Thomas Heyward, Jr. Luke's Parish, in He received a classical education at home and continued in legal studies.

In he was elected to the Continental Congress, where he ed the Declaration of Independence. In he returned to South Carolina to serve as a Judge. He was taken prisoner by the British while in command of a Militia force during the siege of Charleston. He d his Judgeship following the war and retired in He died in March of at age A Citadel and University of South Carolina Law School graduate and US Army veteran, Hollings set his sights on a political career beginning in when he was elected to the general assembly. He served the state as Lieutenant Governor, Governor and later Senator.

In Congress, he supported many civil rights bills and was a staunch fiscal conservative and a namesake on the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act, which was an attempt to limit government spending. Hollings did not seek reelection to the senate in He graduated from Princeton in , and practiced law in Charleston, SC, until the beginning of the Revolution. He was a member of the Continental Congress from South Carolina in , and , and in the latter year, with other patriots, was imprisoned and sent to St. Augustine by the British under Sir Henry Clinton. At the close of the war, during which his considerable estate had been seriously damaged, he completed his financial ruin by taking payment in continental currency for money that was due him, hoping, by his example, to improve the government credit.

He was intendant of Charleston under its first charter in '88, became chancellor in , senior judge of the chancery court in , and was a member of the convention that ratified the Federal constitution in Born March 15, , in the Waxhaw settlement on the border of the Carolinas, Jackson was orphaned at the age of A frontier general and Indian fighter, Jackson was elected seventh president of the United States on a platform that proclaimed him the champion of democracy and of the common man.

Jackson served two terms of office and left his mark on the era, often termed the "Age of Jackson. Jesse Louis Jackson Sr. Over the past 40 years he has played a pivotal role in virtually every movement for empowerment, peace, civil rights, gender equality, and economic and social justice. He began his theological studies at the Chicago Theological Seminary but deferred his studies when he began working full-time in the Civil Rights Movement.

Jackson received his earned Master of Divinity Degree in In he became a full-time organizer for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and was appointed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The two organizations merged in Jackson campaigned for president in and in He was the holder of the third highest. Jackson was banned from baseball in for his part in the Black Sox episode in which eight members of the Chicago White Sox, the American League champions, were accused of having conspired with gamblers to throw the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds.

He received his "Shoeless Joe" nickname after playing a minor league game in his stocking feet [because of blisters from a new pair of spikes]. Johns emerged as force in the American art scene in the late s. His richly worked paintings of maps, flags and targets led the artistic community away from Abstract Expressionism toward a new emphasis on the concrete.

Johns laid the groundwork for both Pop Art and Minimalism. Today, as his prints and paintings set record prices at auction, the meanings of his paintings, his imagery and his changing style continue to be subjects of controversy. Lane Kirkland was born in Camden. For his support of the Solidarity movement in Poland Kirkland was posthumously awarded the Order of the White Eagle, the highest award in that country. Born on a cotton plantation in South Carolina, Eartha Kitt was given away by her mother and sent to live with an aunt in Harlem, NY, at the age of eight. With an enduring career that has spanned theater, cabaret, television, and the recording industry, Eartha Kitt has become nothing less than a household name.

He took an early part in opposing the arbitrary claims of Great Britain, at the commencement of the American Revolution. In , he was made Vice President of South Carolina under the new constitution and elected a delegate to the Continental Congress.

His tenure as President of the Continental Congress was during one of most stormy periods in the Revolutionary War. In , on his way to negotiate a treaty with the United Netherlands, he was captured by a British vessel and sent to Great Britain where he was imprisoned on suspicion of high treason.

Interested in hispanic and Mayesville women

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