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Ayushi Agarwal. Last week JWB received an anonymous letter from a teenage girl, living in Jaipur. She is a second-year student who willingly worked as an escort in order to pay the bills and afford her lifestyle.

Her life as an escort takes a bad turn when she ends up having sex with one of her dates. Stories, which are usually censored by the society are given a platform. There is absolutely no room for judgment or condemnation.

Women can open up about their personal issues, reach epiphanies, inspire women all around the world, and seek an expert advice. Read on, and get your dosage of empowerment. Three years ago, due to a dearth of good educational institutes in my hometown, I decided to take a bold step to relocate my base camp. My family is well-to-do and very educated.

Hence, they willingly allowed me to pursue my Bachelors from a premier education institute of Jaipur. It took me some time to adjust to the comparatively fast-paced life of the city. Slowly and steadily, I started letting go of my inhibitions and concentrated more on living it large, since I had the chance.

I started meeting new people, hanging out in expensive ts, trying out new things, and what not. The credit limit on my credit card was already crossed, and I had blown through my savings as well. My father had deposited my monthly allowance of 25k five days back, and there was no way I could ask him to deposit some more. The fact that I would no longer be able to afford my lifestyle weighed heavily on my mind.

I suddenly remembered about my weekend trip to Ranthambore and almost broke down. Reluctantly, I started searching on the internet. Most of the jobs I came across either had extremely long working hours or very less pay. I still kept on searching. Out of curiosity, I started digging a little more. No touching, no kissing, just a simple date.

It was for lonely men who wished to relish the company of a woman, without facing rejection or the hassles of false commitments. As if on cue, a bulb went off inside my brain. All I had to do was go on a date with a lonely man, at a nice place, and make money in return!

I sort of started liking this insane idea. On my dates, I stayed true to my principles and never got sexually involved with any of the men. The stars too were in my favor I guess since I never accidentally bumped into any of my friends. Regardless, I guarded this secret life with all my might. A few days ago, I went on a paid date with an insanely gorgeous can-put-Clooney-to-shame man, named Richard. He was British, who enjoyed the company of beautiful brown women. The minute his British accent fell on my ears, my brain cells along with my hormones started descending into a frenzy.

His perfume was intoxicating. His piercing blue eyes made me feel naked. My senses were on fire. We ended up making out in the end, and my inside melted as soon as he started caressing me. Somehow we ended up in his hotel room, with our clothes ripped off on the floor. In the morning when I woke up, he was gone. The room which was ly strewn with his clothes and personal items was bare and naked. As I lay unclothed in the bed, toying with different scenarios, I realized there was a fat wad of cash lying beside me.

Realization struck me like lightning on a rainy day. I had promoted myself from the status of an escort to that of a prostitute. I hugged my knees close to my chest and wept. How could I have done this? How could I have let things get this far? Later that day, I sat before the Director of the escort agency and tried to remain calm.

The agency had contacted Richard for…eh feedback and the bastard mindlessly commended my performance in bed. The director started accusing me of treachery and going behind their back to make some extra money. I tried to explain how I slept with him due to physical attraction and not money.

Secondly, one of our clients needs a girl to service him day and night. Carry your own condoms. Or I think you should visit you gynecologist and get a pill or something. Darling, you became a whore the minute he entered you!

I am now trapped in a web of lies that might get me prosecuted. If I go against the agency, my parents, friends and even the police will get to know about this secret part of my life. This poor soul has lost her way. We urge our readers to help her come up with a solution and provide comfort with words of encouragement. She needs to find the courage to stand up for herself and face the ramifications so that things do not get worse. Have a story to share? Mail us at contactjaipurwomenblog gmail.

Tell the truth, yes there will be consequences, but think of it that it ll be worse if u start doing what they are asking u to do, and then ur parents get to knw…. Hey, no need to worry. Just be bold and tell the bloody agency NO. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

IWB Post. February 19, SheSays: I am a year-old girl with a socially unacceptable job. Getting a job was my only option. I contacted the agency, set up an interview, and enthusiastically ed the contract. My teenage heart ached for his touch. The bastard knew that. I made my way home with blurred vision and hazy thoughts. I played with fire and burnt myself. I have no one to blame but myself. Was this article empowering? for your story. Share it with your friends.

Tell the truth, yes there will be consequences, but think of it that it ll be worse if u start doing what they are asking u to do, and then ur parents get to knw… even if u have slept with 10 men and now realize it was wrong…its okay.. Iwb Loves Iwb Contest. Want More Of This? Submit Reset.

Indian call girl blog

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