Im dating someone but have a crush on someone else

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It's perfectly natural for human beings to develop crushes. I mean, if you ask me, having a crush is one of the best parts of the human experience. That's why it's always seemed so silly to me that we're expected to suddenly stop developing crushes on other people as soon as we enter relationships. I mean, what happens if you're in a relationship but like someone else? Does it automatically make you a bad person? Of course not. Does it make you a cheater? Well, that depends on how you act on it and what sort of relationship you're in. Hopefully, your partner is the main person you're interested in, but it's perfectly fine to think, "Hmm, maybe I'd be into that person if I were single," every once in a while.

It's human nature! According to Dr. Often we project onto others what we would like to be. We see in others what we lack or need working on, which feeds the desire to be with or around them. Of course, just because you've fallen for someone else doesn't automatically mean you should end things with your partner.

According to d clinical psychotherapist and relationship expert LeslieBeth Wish , you should break up with your ificant other, " only if you already believed that your partner is not the best match for you" prior to falling for someone else. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide if you genuinely think you want to give a relationship with this your crush, but Dr. Lee warned against making a final decision based on attraction, especially if it's just sexual.

When you're crushing on someone, you're likely just playing up their good qualities, especially if you compare them to qualities your current partner is lacking. Once you've analyzed the source of your crush and whether you're truly happy in your current relationship, you might be wondering if telling your SO is a good idea.

While every relationship is different, as long as you haven't cheated, then Dr. However, if you do feel compelled to express your feelings to your partner, it's important to give them time and space to process. Meredith Golden , dating coach and dating app expert. LeslieBeth Wish , d clinical psychotherapist and relationship expert.

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Im dating someone but have a crush on someone else

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What Happens If You're In A Relationship, But Have A Crush?