Ian somerhalder and nikki reed dating since

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Nikki and Ian sent their fans into a frenzy when they tied the knot in April Naturally, fans are curious to know if the star couple is still going strong or has their love for each other fizzled out over the years. Here is everything we know! Nikki was introduced to Ian in the mids by a mutual friend, and the two had been great friends since then. The news about them dating began circulating in mid, and soon their relationship was made official. The couple adopted a horse and moved in together only a few weeks later. They announced their engagement in February and finally got married on April 26, , at Topanga Canyon, near Malibu, California.

A post shared by iansomerhalder iansomerhalder. Soon after their wedding, Nikki shared in an interview that their relationship is based on friendship and a shared passion for helping others. Unfortunately, over the years, talks about their alleged divorce have been doing the rounds. In October , rumors resurfaced once more for various reasons.

So are Nikki and Ian still going strong, or is their trouble in their paradise? Yes, Nikki and Ian are still married to each other, and April will mark six years of their marriage. Apart from their passion for giving back to the environment and their community, another thing that the two have in common is that they do not hold grudges. In fact, Nikki and Ian are on good terms with their respective exes. A post shared by Nikki Reed nikkireed. Dobrev was asked about her friendship with the couple in The lovely couple put family above everything else and wanted to enjoy their time with their newborn.

During this period, they did not entertain any visitors and even switched off their phones. They are often seen appreciating each other publicly. Therefore, we can confidently put aside the idle chatter about their separation.

The power couple is glued together by their deep admiration and respect for one another while they walk hand in hand to do whatever they can to make this world a better place. Prerna Singh. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit . View this post on Instagram.

Ian somerhalder and nikki reed dating since

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Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder’s Whirlwind Romance!