I want to start dating but dont know how

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Sometimes we can be pushovers in relationships. We give it up too easily, let guys cheat on us, etc. This is serious BS and we need to stand up for ourselves. Take a loss. Heartbreak blows, but it happens to all of us. Sometimes we just have to accept defeat and remember that something or someone! Let it go. Instead, grab the girls and go toast to new beginnings.

Change your mind. As often as you want. Go with the flow. Just do you. We get so hung up on what we think we should be doing that we forget that at the end of the day, what we should be doing is making ourselves happy. Date as many men as you want.

How did you know you liked pistachio ice cream but not cake batter? You tasted them — sometimes more than once to make sure you still felt the same way. Speak up for yourself frequently. Men are way bigger babies than women, anyway. Have fun. Save the misery for years down the road when bills need to be paid and babies need to be changed ah, the beauties of marriage. Right now, you need to enjoy yourself and find someone or someones that you enjoy being with. Be real. Hell, it might even be exactly where you are right now.

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I want to start dating but dont know how

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What To Do If You Want To Be In A Relationship