I want to get paid for sex

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Hours: I wish. Hours are flexible with participants arranging times to have sex in their homes or hotel rooms, just like Strom Thurmond. Experience necessary: Only sexually active people need apply, so pretty much anyone attending public school. You have to be 18 or over.

Perks: Free adult entertainment for arousal. Fifteen-minute relationship that will last a lifetime. Contact: or www. Job description: Egg donor. Hours: Flexible. Experience necessary: Menstruation. Beyond that, all types are welcome since couples of all backgrounds and races want babies. Still, college graduates are preferred. Perks: Free medical testing. Outpatient procedure. Somebody else gets up for the 4 a. Contact: Options National Fertility Registry, , ext. Job description: Smoking pot for medical research.

Perks: The National Research Group, the good people that gave you www. You know, workers in this country used to make steel. Contact: Options, or www. Job description: Internet male model. Experience necessary: None. They'll take anyone for their catalog and Internet jobs, though there is a glut of women. Perks: They'll take anyone. Well, as long as you have a good attitude, aren't into drugs and don't mind a little, oh, how should we put this, hardcore Internet sex.

There's a market for every type. We can find work for anyone as long as it's for hardcore sex. You can be pounds. Contact: Fineline Internet, OC Weekly - Staff. I want to get fucked for money. Sounds good me. Do you wanna practice with a big dick? If so text me. I wanna get paid to have sex with men or women or being spanked. High sex drive, ready for something new and hopefully exciting. This is Curtis. I would love to smoke and have sex. I saw your add, for internet Male Model. I am interested. What do need to do???

I want to get paid for sex

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Selling sex - to have sex and get paid for it