I still love you not that far away

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Feeling empty in I can't make it through the day. Ion know what else to do I don't know what else to say. Love those line's. Haiti is known for witchcraft, Africa 1 and Mexico 2 for biggest witchcraft users. Hey- if you like christian rap, you should check out my boyfriend's awesome first official music video!

In the bible its states not to love the world. Its sounds like you've turned lecrae an it happened around 3yrs ago. I felt it cos I listened to your songs an then God gave me discernment, he showed me different things in your songs are wrong an you need to no. I'm correcting you as a sister in Christ. Never miss a beat! Subscribe to Lecrae's channel for the latest tracks! Reach Records amor loce it respect from underground gospel chi town 79th midwest mike aka crazy case. Reach Records gave me chills first time n other times i play diz when i wander plave 2 plave in da cold streets of da chi aman.

This song is so deep!!! Lecrae be making me feel so close our heavenly father!! My husband locked up and im just praying for his safe return home bc right now he feels so far away!! Thanks Lecrae!!! Anyone know another song like this where the intro is the same and the rapper raps about his dad and at the end of the song his dad raps, dyeing to know it. God needs to be your favorite thing in the world I mean he's the best thing in the world I love you God Jesus I hope you have a great time up in heaven bless you Jesus name I pray all those homeless people please help them get the house all those bad people who beat up people and stuff this for a game just for a game that's stupid and you'll go to hell so don't do nothing they do you just good people this song is the best far far away I know it's good by you guys.

I know from almost drowning at a lake he was split millisecond there in ever love unconditional embracing light and love and more soooo intense I can't describe in mare human words how awesome it was. This song is still relevant 6 yrs later with hurricane matthew killing over people in Hati. From bjc. Hey I'm an upcoming rapper, and I did a remix to this song! It wasn't no where near as derivative but if you guys could give it a chance that'd be dope!

Thank you everyone for your time! It was alright. See, rap isn't my favorite genre, so the real thing that draws me to Lecrae is the message he always puts in his songs. This one in particular is really a beautiful in that the message is no matter how far away He feels, no matter how hopeless each tragedy lives brings seems, God's always close by. Your remix simply didn't have that same message or something similar, but rather seemed fairly self-centered.

As someone who holds the message in a song higher then the song itself, I was rather disappointed comparatively. Just my two cents from someone who doesn't generally enjoy rap. Take that how you will. But honestly thank you for the feedback and having someone listen to it means something to me. I mean coming from a place where all they could talk about is sex, money and drugs, i thought delivering something a bit more off those topics could portray a different perspective into hip hop.

LIke i said itt was no where near as good as this song. But i wanted to create something different out of the beat. For me music is art so i did just that. Thank you again glad you took a min to listen :D. Yeah man. I would say, just your focus on God, on you'll do alright. All glory to Christ!! I love Jesus! Jesus is my baby God does feel far away sometimes Like he doesn't care about us? Or we are just there I guess. Or we have no purpose? If you are right with God and know that he loves us this comment isn't for you! This comment is for the people who think God is too far away to care Let me tell you something!

If we were just there, why would he die for us? He wouldn't allow it! Guess that your brain is sorta thinking? He loves you. He died for you!. Girls are always asking there boyfriends "Would you die for me? Someone already did! No matter how far God may feel He is always there and His plans and ways are always the best. Rap music will always be scrutinize, because it goes against the mold. And because of where rap music has grown into. I love this song God bless lecrae Who would dislike this song???? Not me!!!!! That's who All glory to Christ! Jesus is my babyyy Love love love Lecrea and everything he's about!

With that being said my boy from back home Reading, Pa. Did this track in Matter of fact he had other artist sample his stuff too without permission. Just thought it was funny to hear Lecrea have that same hook and beat. Still love Lecrea tho. This is not a hate on Lecrea!!! So don't twist it up. This song really resonates with me as I come to terms with the fact that I'm in a foreign country surrounded by a foreign language while going to a foreign university.

I feel alone and cut off from all family and all friends I once had by my side, but most importantly I feel cut off from God. More and more, it seems I just don't care anymore I've been there, it's hard. May I suggest that God is using this in your life to grow and deepen your relationship with Him. That can be a hard thing to do when we don't feel Him near.

But He never left you!! The act of obeying and seeking Him when it is hard, shows our love for Him! Love grows when both parties are actively working on the relationship. Remember God is your constant, even when everything else changes. Use this lonely time you are having to seek HIM more. Praying for you. I am about to give you the greatest play the enemy uses on followers of Christ. The enemy is very good at make you feel alone. Hebrews When running, you will find yourself running alone but that does not mean your family, friends, and especially the Lord is not at the finish line waiting for you to finish your race.

Remember, Christ is the Author and Perfecter of our Faith. Now you know the enemy's plan, ask yourself when you are running this race, Does it help me run? I think people disliked it because of the overlay of voices. The actual track recording sounds much better than this. I believe he's helped me in my walk with Christ,but all the Glory belongs to God, he has used lacrae to help you get trough those times. Lacrae himself will tell you,it's been God by his mighty works.

Cause he knows about you and knows what you need,the Shepard knows how to take care of his sheep brotha. Pray for me,I'll pray for you. I agree. It has a great message and it's really catchy :. God loves us no matter what , Praise God for all he has done and is doing in my life even if i can't see it sometimes. Lecraes message is powerful I get filled with the Holy Ghost when I listen to him.

Tell me You never left, even in the midst of death. Breathe on me, I'd do anything to feel Your breath. My prayers go out to the 64 people that took the time out of their day to give this video a thumbs down. This is healing - this is a balm for many wounded hearts who lost faith and a call to believers to reach out and be the hands of Christ. Wow - it's amazing how 2 people can see things so differently - every song he does I feel like I hear God speaking to me - loving me, chastening me, guiding me and showing me that I'm not alone.

Saying this is the way, walk in it. I see Christ clearly in every song. God speaks to us in so many ways - don't miss His voice because perhaps you didn't hear His name. Lecrae is inspired. This song still makes me want to help Haiti or anyone in need.

I still love you not that far away

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