I need help with my love life

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If your relationship is more of a crisis than a comfort, you may want to check out these top tips from psychologist and relationship expert Rachel MacLynn. You never know…that impending break-up could turn into a romantic holiday in the Seychelles. If arguments, cold silences and eye rolls are your relationship bread-and-butter if may be time to give your partnership a once over. Fancy putting her to the test? Here are her top 10 tips for mending your relationship and igniting that lost spark.

Who knows, could be your most loved-up year yet! Sometimes the simplest gesture of actually telling your partner why you love them has a far greater success. Don't assume - find out! Go on, yourself out of Facebook and Twitter and start actually talking to each other. How many of them do you invest in your relationship? Take the time to think about his qualities, your happiest memories and that two-week blissed out trip to Ibiza.

Her advice is to understand how his brain works before getting annoyed. Come on, ladies! You simply can't have it your way all the time. Are you boring? No seriously, are you? Yes you heard it, DULL! You know that couple in a restaurant who doesn't talk? You probably do the same thing pretty much most of the time! Rachel says, "Think about about your language and conversation. Are they littered with 'you never', 'you don't', 'I hate'? You can influence how both you and your partner feel by allowing positive words to dominate.

Use 'I love', 'that's brilliant', 'what would be better', 'thank you for doing that'. Think of it as a power of positive talking solution! Saying sorry is a really powerful tool for wiping the slate clean and banishing that dark, post-argument cloud. Fancy giving your wardrobe a fabulous update? Discover more about this great competition here.

I need help with my love life

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25 Tips to Improve Your Love Life