I need a secret girlfriend

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Among many other things, she has to deal with a difficult boss, body-image issues, and judgmental parents. And while I lost count of everything I could relate to within, like, the first 10 minutes of the pilot, one plot line in particular hit me like a truck. Ryan lives like a slob, works on a corny podcast with two other equally childish schlubs, and throws parties that a college freshman might find cool—and yet Annie, despite being objectively better than him in every conceivable way, is stuck in hookup hell.

Annie wears all the hats a dream girlfriend might offers emotional support, rocks his world in the bedroom, seems genuinely happy to be with him whenever , but Ryan wants to keep their rendezvous as casual and quiet as possible. In fact, after being intimate, Ryan makes Annie sneak out the back door, just so he can avoid introducing her to his roommates. You should dump his ass right on the spot, and then march out the front door. For the bulk of my twenties, I was involved with an emotionally and mentally unkind man who, beyond keeping his options open, made damn sure I was never seen or heard by anyone else in his life.

In fact, when he lived with roomies, he would make me let myself in to his house and make my way up to his room on the second floor. Looking back, I realize this was not only totally degrading, but also just pretty nuts. And yet, I complied with this charade for years. Read: he didn't want to call me his girlfriend because he didn't want anyone to know. And when it all fell apart, I was the one who paid the price of our mutual friends. That's because when you're alone together, the withholding partner may offer enough kernels of sincerity to suggest that a real-deal relationship is actually within the realm of possibility.

And of course, that waiting is all for naught. When I was playing secret girlfriend, I was constantly checking my phone, distracted and unhappy, and it spilled over into other aspects of my life. According to Bhandari, this internal struggle alone should have been enough to help me cut the cords of my expectations. I deserve that, and so does Annie on Shrill , and so do you. So does everyone. Ready to hit the dating scene? Here's a list of the best dating apps and tips for how to decide which is best for you. Plus, here's one that matches singles based on refrigerator photos —seriously.

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I need a secret girlfriend

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