I like to rub my nipples

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The idea of reaching climax without going near your genitals might seem far-fetched, but plenty of people have successfully achieved a nipple orgasm. This type of pleasure is definitely not a myth. In short, a nipple orgasm is when you reach a sexual climax only from stimulating the nipples or surrounding breast area without any clitoral or vaginal stimulation.

Nipples are major erogenous zones, with lots of nerve endings to provide intense sensations. Many people report that this type of climax feels similar to a pelvic-related orgasm. For some people, orgasms can be mysterious and difficult to master. In this respect, a nipple stimulation orgasm is no exception. But, as with all types of stimulation, practice makes perfect. Everyone is different, and no nipples are exactly the same.

If you want to discover how to give yourself a nipple orgasm, you can experiment with these tips. The nipples are by far the most sensitive part of the entire breast region. A high volume of nerve endings is responsible for these intense erotic sensations.

Start by experimenting with different touching techniques. Focus on your breathing and try to release any stress or tension. Trace over your nipples with a single finger, and slowly rub in different directions. You could incorporate a soft feather tickler toy or ice cubes to experiment with temperature. By this time, your nipples are likely to be erect, helping further build anticipation and enhance sensation. Listen to your body, and let your hands wander without restriction. Have your partner gently breathe warm air directly onto your nipples, licking in circular motions as they go.

Sucking can also stimulate greater blood flow and increase sensitivity, building anticipation. You can also try stimulating your partner at the same time to help achieve simultaneous orgasm. A nipple-focused massage is one of the most effective, powerful methods of achieving an orgasm of this kind. Start slowly, and gently increase the intensity to generate tension and anticipation.

Slowly begin stroking your hips, stomach, and neck, using massage oil if you want. Once you feel aroused, begin circling your breasts and gently apply a squeezing motion. Avoid directly touching your nipples at this point, solely focusing on your breasts. The key at this phase is to build anticipation, bringing your body to a stage where you can no longer resist touching your nipples, but stop just before you reach that point. Denying or delaying pleasure can increase anticipation and make the final result even more powerful.

When the time is right, begin lightly stroking your nipples. You can continue circling your breasts to maintain tension, and slowly begin pinching your nipples if you want. This pinching action can help release oxytocin a hormone responsible for feelings of relaxation, bonding, and love , in turn, increasing pleasure.

This can provide an all-over wave of sensation, especially when combined with slick massage oil. Everyone is unique, and what may work for one person may not for someone else. Experimentation is key and allows you to explore what you like. While many people have sensitive nipples, not everyone experiences pleasurable sensations from breast or nipple stimulation. Nipple sensitivity can depend on multiple circumstances. For example, breast surgery can ificantly alter nipple sensitivity.

Illnesses such as breast cancer can also play a large role, as well as negative experiences with sex. If you want to achieve more pleasure from nipple play, here are a few more methods you can try to help increase sensation. First, get your partner involved.

If possible, have someone else stimulate your nipples for you. Having another person sensually touching your body can be hugely arousing and may help increase sensation in response to nipple play. You can also try experimenting with sex toys. Sex toys can often provide sensations that are impossible to replicate with hands alone. Introducing a vibrator or nipple clamps could help enhance your nipple sensitivity.

Breast and nipple sensitivity is typically increased during your period. If it feels good, try stimulating your nipples and enjoy this potentially heightened period of sensitivity! Now you know that achieving a nipple orgasm is possible. With so many different methods of nipple stimulation available, you can experiment and take full control of your experience. Whether experimenting alone or with a partner, there are plenty of ways to give yourself a nipple stimulation orgasm.

Relax, get comfortable, and be willing to experiment with a little trial and error. What is a nipple orgasm? Take a quiz. Find out what you can do with our Health Assistant. Track my period. Get pregnant. Follow my baby's growth. Nipple play orgasm tips. Orgasm from nipple stimulation. Nipple massage orgasm. Is a nipple orgasm for me? In summary. Updated on September 23, Read this next. Your cycle Your Body, Your Story.

I like to rub my nipples

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