I like getting fucked

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Sep 16, by anonymous views comments. Honest question from a straight guy and I dont want to feel it but can anyone explain the feeling? Ask those who have to concede the US election in November.

I would guess like a turd goin out but starts by going in then after going in and out getting very wet when he shoots cum in you. Have to agree. I don't like it tho unless I'm fucking a gal and someone is in my ass at same time. Best and hardest cum you'll ever have. First time for me was with a dad and daughter totally out of this world sex.

On this subject we can ask America what it felt like when Donald trump fucked it up the ass. Wake up. Well when you have with someone that won't move out of her narcissist mother's house because of her depression and anxiety and she starts fighting with you for reasons only caused by her mother's manipulation and lies about you, breaking up with you multiple multiple times to only come back and say she didn't know why she left in the first place until one day when you finally realize her mother is a narcissist and you start confronting the bitch only so she ends up playing victim and tells the police that you are threatening her to get the whole household on a no contact order against you until courts resolve it.

But the day is finally here and the country gets shut down by covid and pushed months and months away so you lose out on seeing or even speaking to your son as you are called a deadbeat for the very fight that was over a narcissists control issues that kept you from him in the first place. Then legal aid denies you so you have no representation a few days before your court date..

That is what it is like to get fucked in the ass. It was a 15 year old boy who convinced me that my 9 year olds ass was the finest thing ever and that I was meant for fucking and by the time I hit puberty I realized that he was right. I'd become used to my popularity with my boyfriend and a few of his select friends. Now I was miles away and knew no one. I became desperate for attention from anyone else who was a Male and started dressing accordingly. I hacked and chopped my cutoffs to hardly cover my cute assortment of boy's underpants, tighty-whities and the cutest novelty boypanties ever that said in not so subtle of a way that my boipussy was ready and waiting.

I was a fresh pleasing taste of innocents in my own way coming from a small town and now in a city and my first experience was there was with a man who filled all my lonely longings and expectations. I fucking love being the first in the back door. I have three confirmed first ins. Love pushing my dick in. And the surprise when she realizes i'm in is priceless.

I prefer be the first in the front door, deflowered a girl it's priceless. You have got to try it. Get some dildos. Start small and work your way up. Maybe get a woman that will peg you. That's amazing. Get two women, one to peg you, one to suck your dick while you're being pegged. Get creative and enjoy the hell out of it.

Hey what's up I'm looking for a woman to peg me never been fucked in my ass but I want to. I'm a 16 year old guy and I just really want to be fucked in the ass just to know the feeling. In fact I am an anal whore, as it makes me cum almost every time. I've let dozens of men have my butthole and they all loved it. If you are talking about how the feeling of one's ass is when a cock is in it all depends on the one taking it up the ass.

If you are not into it or scared or not "loosened" up a bit it will hurt at least at first. If you are wanting it and ready it feels great. Also for most size is a deal. As teens me and my buddy used each other, me being 4 years older but the same size as him as far as weight and height but me having a bigger dick it was hard for him and we didn't do it that way much. His cock was smaller and I wanted it badly and it felt great. A few times he would want it and I would loosen him up first with my fingers and lube and that was the only way I could get in him.

The best part is when he cums and his dick is doing the orgasm dance inside me would send me over the edge. Ask the former president. He got metaphorically fucked in the ass. I'm 15 now and have been with other boys since I was way littler and I really reeeally like it. More and more it seems because when I first did it I was in 4th grade and he was in high school and it was weirder like, the sperming in my butt was the weirdest thing so I only let him do it with me sometimes. Then he had a party when his parents were gone and I met other guys he's friends with and that's when it kinda changed like, way better than ever.

I absolutely love anal especially DP. Nothing beats the feeling of having a guy in you then another sliding his dick into my ass, it is like I can feel every inch go in and spread me open. But fuck the orgasms are mind blowing. Ever man who has fucked my ass says it feels like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube. What makes the orgasms so good when you get your asshole fucked? Like you said it is feeling every inch slide into you but I must admit I prefer to be n top for it, get to control pace and rhythm, I will take anal over vaginal sex any day of the week.

What, for you, makes getting your asshole fucked so wonderful? Sounds like you cum harder like this. Sounds like my wife, she don't get off If I don't slip it in her ass. Don't know why but she don't like me cumming in her ass just fucking it. I think it would be arousing to have my cock filling a woman's asshole and have her in pain and me seeing it on her face. Not looking for permanent damage but sexual discomfort is very arousing to me.

That's curious. Have you ever blown it into her bowels or never? What a great thread and so many interesting responses. Here is the perspective of a 46 F who has been taking it up the ass for over 32 years. Simple as that. When I fuck it almost always involves a cock going in my ass, the only times sex does not include ass fucking for me is when the guy turns it down or does not want it.

Look I know I come off as and sound crude and crass but that is just me. The orgasms are not necessarily always stronger than vaginal sometimes they definitely are but rarely are mine not explosive. I have been married 27 years and my hub has been my cuck since 2 years prior to that. Yes I cuckolded him while I was in H. I have noticed how many posters on this thread seem curious and have asked questions and I would be willing to answer curious readers and provide my knowledge and experience from my past.

Not trying to sound like a know-it-all on the subject but instead just giving the perspective of a gal who has experience in this area. Either way great thread and I really enjoyed the posts and comments. Sounds like you definitely have a ton of experiencing getting fucked in the ass.

I'm assuming that when your asshole is filled, the guys typically blast their load into your bowels? I'm a married man and I like cock up my ass. When I can't get fucked I use one of several dildos I have and fuck myself while I jack my meat. Yes I have a ton of experience getting fucked in the ass and yes the majority of times they cum in my ass or bowels as you seem fond of saying. Hey I like that term too baby. Some like that some like pulling out and blasting on my cheeks and back if we are in doggy if I am lying flat on my back some dudes like shooting on your pussy and tummy and tits.

Different guys like different things and truthfully I am cool with all of it. I LOVE that extra warmness feeling and that is absolutely my favorite part about a guy cumming in my asshole. Now I admit I have zero scientific proof about cum in your asshole being warmer than cum on your face so this may be nothing more than a crazy bitch rambling but for me that is my truth. Of course I have had many men who love to see their cum running and dripping out of my asshole and that is no doubt nasty and fun and I LOVE pushing it out of my ass and letting it drip off my ass or onto my pussy or ass cheeks depending on the position he ass fucked me in.

Look for me the bottom line is I like it wherever the dude shoots but yes getting cum blasted in my bowels is great. Thanks for your interest in me baby. This is the 46 F who just posted.

I like getting fucked

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