Huge group games

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Use these large group camp games for periods when you have to lead games for more than one group or have to lead very large groups by yourself. Who hasn't had 60 children, twenty minutes, and virtually no preparation time? Fear no more! Please submit your favorite large group camp or unique variation of an activity on our site. We love to hear your suggestions! A soft throwable object To play Alaskan Baseball, create two 2 teams. One camper is given a throwable object, their team then forms a circle around them and that person throws the object. Every time the player makes it around the circle, that team scores a run.

Meanwhile the other team …. Neon-colored shirts or jerseys. The xenomorphs must try to turn everyone else into xenomorphs. Play in a large, dark building with all lights turned off, or outside in a clear area at night. Give all other players humans a neon vest …. Two people are it. They hold hands and chase people. Any person they catch s the chain by linking hands. When another person is caught they can stay together or spilt 2 and 2, but they must split even s and can link together at will. This game is played until nobody is left.

Large playing area, preset boundaries To be the last one standing This game is best played with a big group and a large playing area like a gym or a large filed with the two opposite sides defined. Inflate balloons and tie on a string for each team member. Each player ties the other end of the string to their ankle. There are two teams — the teams try to burst the others first by stepping on them. Team with the last balloon wins. As your balloon is burst you withdraw from the game. Night time.

For the campers to sneak their way to a group of counselors. Counselors sit at the top of a hill with flashlights and the campers try to sneak up the hill to the top. All the other people are the butterflies. The bees must go around stinging the butterflies hitting them on the legs with the soft objects.

A butterfly that has been stung must …. It is fun to have different players make up each team every time the game is repeated. Each team stands in a …. Similar to Simon Says… One player is leader. Leader and all the others flap their arms like birds. Leader calls out names of something with feathers.

The leader flaps his wings on almost all things to confuse the group and calls as rapidly as possible. Balloons Teams of four or more people line up in volleyball formation. A blanket is placed over the net so that the teams cannot see one another. The ref throws the ball into play. When they are ready, they …. There are two sides teams. A big field to run across Make two games across the width of a soccar field Football flags Optional Be the last person to get tagged by the British Bulldog Line a group of kids up on one side of a field. Pick one person to be the British Bulldog.

That person he to the middle of the field. When …. Make a list of people in the cabin counselors too! There should be the same places in camp and camp objects as there are people in the cabin. Cut up the names, places, and objects into individual slips, and sort them and put then into 3 different containers for people, …. Now ask them to find someone who has the same of letters. Those two are now partners. Tape suckers To chase, tackle and steal a sucker from the Candyman. This game is usually played with around campers ages You need to pick 4 to 6 staff 2 females and 2 males or 3 females and 3 males and tape packing or duct suckers to them.

You …. All the rest of the campers line …. To play Cat and Mouse have everyone but two people forms a circle standing far enough away from each other so players must comfortably stretch arms to hold hands with the players next to them.

The two outside players will be running through these spaces. One of the people outside of the circle is the cat and the other is the …. Have entire group lie on their stomachs, side by side with arms out stretched in front of them 2. Person at the front of the line starts to roll over the others until they get to the end of the line 3. That person takes their place on their stomach at the end 4. Continue at the front with ….

Earth Ball Parachute 1. With a little effort, you can send the earth ball flying 3. For competition, divide into two teams and have one side try to roll the ball off the chute and over the he of the other team 4. For the ultimate in …. Have all the kids line up on one side of a play area. Pick two volunteers to stand in the middle of the area. The volunteers then pick the names of three cars. Then as one of these chosen car name to each child standing in line. When the volunteers in the middle call out a car name, those campers ….

Divide the children into two equal teams. Have teams face each other across from an imaginary line. You could use a rope divider if you like. The leader …. Something to mark boundaries A tag game that will wear your kids out!! Make really big boundaries. In order …. The ultimate thing to do is to get the other teams flag. Each team has a Dr. If the Dr. Divide campers into two teams.

On the count …. Large Group Games Use these large group camp games for periods when you have to lead games for more than one group or have to lead very large groups by yourself. See our attention getters section for assistance in getting everyone focused! Meanwhile the other team … . Give all other players humans a neon vest … . . A butterfly that has been stung must … .

Huge group games

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