How to test conformity

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No matter how much of an individual you might like to think you are, most of us are susceptible to the power of a crowd. By nature, we are a cooperative species, and will unconsciously adhere to the movement and direction of a crowd. According to John Cacioppo and William Patrick, authors of The Myth of Loneliness, our herding instinct is evolutionary, stemming from the time when we needed group cohesion to avoid danger. Our tendency to conform increases with the size of the group, but can be influenced by just one other person.

The volunteers were more likely to show a preference for one of the candidates if the confederate had cheered for them throughout the debate. You can conduct your own conformity test if you have a group of willing friends and access to a lift. Enter the lift at the same time as a stranger then, without speaking, all of you turn to face the wrong direction ie away from the door. When this experiment was conducted as a practical joke on the US television show Candid Camera, most of the strangers turned to face the same direction as the others.

A myth about crowds is that if a situation becomes dangerous, the crowd will turn into a mob. We panic only under certain rare conditions. Usually, we form groups and move slowly. Conduct your own conformity test. We construct our identities on the basis of attitudes towards us Photograph: Guardian. Sarah Wilson. Reuse this content.

How to test conformity

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Conduct your own conformity test