How to talk to jehovah witnesses

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I know it can be daunting! They have classes at their weekly meetings to help develop their communication skills, and there is also written and online information available to them about how to engage with people about their faith.

Awesome if you do! Just think of this as the opportunity to be a missionary without having to leave your house! Moms are probably the busiest people on the planet, so we may not have time to quit everything and minister to a remote jungle tribe in Africa, but we can all be missionaries right where we are.

So, back to the JW classes…what do they learn at these classes? They are taught 1 Timothy , Acts , and 1 Peter to encourage their members towards meaningful conversations with others about their beliefs. We should, too! Knowing that they are prepared before they knock on our doors tells us that we need to be prepared before we answer the door.

Allow the conversation to develop naturally. The first section of the JW book, Reasoning from the Scriptures , gives all sorts of recommendations for topics to talk about first, from the crime in your neighborhood to how we all want our children to be happy. Sounds like a great opportunity to get to know your JW neighbors! You should do the same thing! Just like Paul did in Acts 17, aim for common ground.

Take an interest in who they are. The first thing you should do is listen closely to what they have to say. Take note of any Scripture they cite. If it seems like the conversation is going somewhere, offer them a chair and sit with them. This is your opportunity to show them that not all Christians are hostile toward JWs. They may have never met someone like that. This is your chance to be the light. If they give you a copy of The Watchtower Magazine or Awake!

One thing you should NOT do is tell them that they belong to a cult or that their worldview is built on heresies. They'll leave faster than you can say 'Charles Taze Russell. While that might sound appealing to you, remember, we should not treat ministry like some people treat jury duty. Being a missionary to the people whom God has put in our lives is part of being a Christian!

Your goal is for them to want to come back and talk further. Search your heart. What I want to do here is give you some ideas about how to respond to a few of the key things they are likely to bring up. This article really covers two different phases: the relationship-building stage and the established relationship stage.

It triggers them to silence. Instead, save topics like the Trinity and deity of Christ for later conversations, when you have an established relationship. Why is saying 'Trinity' not a good idea at the first meeting with a Jehovah's Witness? Click To Tweet. Cynthia said that one thing they are taught is that they are the teachers, so if the person they are talking with seems to be trying to teach them, they are likely to walk away from the conversation and not come back.

In other words, tread lightly, go slowly, be patient, and be a student. So, what should you talk about at your doorstep? Cynthia suggested that front-door topics be something that gets the JW thinking. Have you ever had a pebble in your shoe? Be the pebble in their shoe. For example:. Ask them what steps they took to determine if the Watch Tower Society was telling the truth. Listen to what they say. They likely have not done any independent research into their own religion.

Ask them what they think this verse means. If Jesus is truth, how could an organization created by a man Charles Taze Russell be truth? Ask them if God was without a witness before the start of their church because they claim that they are the only true witnesses of Jehovah.

If He was without a witness for thousands of years, did God truly care for His people? Front door conversations are likely going to be pretty short, so quick questions like the ones I mentioned above would be appropriate. Why do you think those topics come up so regularly at Thanksgiving dinner, when the family all gets together?

No, first , you give them floaties and let them wade in the shallow end. Then , you guide them into the deeper end of the pool, slowly and cautiously. As they begin to understand how swimming works and have a healthy respect for water, they gain more confidence and trust.

Then, and only then, will they begin to swim on their own. Take it slow. Once you trust each other and have a solid relationship, then you can begin to talk about the topics below. Remember, not all concepts of 'Jesus' are created equal. Do not assume that when you say 'Jesus' and when they say 'Jesus,' you are referring to the same person. This is where clarifying terms can be helpful. Make sure you know who they are talking about. Ask questions. You may remember this from my articles, but keep in mind that they do not believe in the Trinity, and they do not believe that Jesus is God.

When you ask questions, be prepared for answers like these:. They will likely use Scripture to support their views such as, Colossians and John Be on the lookout for language that demotes Jesus from the Godhead. Ask them if you can read Philippians together. In this passage, Jesus talks about how he took upon the form of a servant but was also in the form of God. See if they understand the implications i. Ask them if you could also read Hebrews together. Discuss the implications of Hebrews i.

Both of these passages should help explain that Jesus, God the Son, is not lower than God but is God. According to JWs, salvation is only available through works and faith in Christ is not enough for salvation. They will agree that the Bible says eternal life is a gift from God through Jesus Christ which is consistent with Ephesians So how can it be both a free gift and based on works?

It seems like they are speaking through two sides of their mouth. For JWs, salvation is a gift, but works are required, as well. One might think of it like applying for a scholarship. The scholarship is a free gift, but to receive it, one must do certain things to become eligible. Tell them that almost times in the New Testament, salvation is given through faith alone. You could share Acts , John , Titus , and Galatians After reading these verses with them, ask them if this sounds like what they know about salvation.

Let them know that you believe that good works are a part of who we are as Christians, but that those works are not required for salvation. Yes, we should do good works because we are followers of Christ, but faith alone is what saves us. Our good works are an outpouring of who we are in Christ.

The Trinity. We talked extensively about what Christians believe about the Trinity here , and we briefly covered what JWs believe here. Be warned, though—this topic can be exceptionally tough because it is something that is difficult to explain, even for Christians. And again, do not bring this up until you have sufficiently established a trusting relationship!

Ask your JW friend if they know that the Encyclopedia also states that Jehovah is a made-up word. Clarify that Christians believe in one God with three persons. According to their own material, we should not expect to understand all the ways of God, and not understanding something is not grounds for rejecting it.

This is also a bit more complex than it seems. Romans , 17 Thus, it appears that we cannot set a specific date for when the calling of Christians to the heavenly hope ends. Other verses that talk about all who believe not just the , include Ephesians , Galatians , James , and John I must bring them also.

How to talk to jehovah witnesses

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