How to start my own matchmaking business

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Lastly, they can separate their personal and professional life by taking nothing personally at work, and, you know … not falling in love with the clients! Through a referral—a friend of a friend. Word of mouth makes for a lot of business in the matchmaking industry—if you have a good reputation, that is! I've been able to build a name for myself through online marketing. I have collaborated with others in the dating industry and have regularly co-hosted singles events, participated in dating panels and conferences, and wrote guest blogs and columns with other experts.

This was the first book I published, and it is seriously a gem of a resource for anyone who is curious about starting a career in matchmaking. I hold the reader's hand, sharing everything that they need to do to have a successful matchmaking business.

It is easy-to-follow and has tons of sample forms that any matchmaker can put to good use. It will save a matchmaker countless hours of research. It is the book I wish I had when I got into the industry. Find a community of like-minded professionals that you can collaborate with.

Even though it is super-social, matchmaking can be a lonely profession if your business is a one-person show. Some websites may offer free trials before they charge or they may charge monthly or annual fees. If you choose to charge your customers, consider opening a PayPal and visiting your local bank to open a merchant which allows you to accept credit card payments. You may have to allow a certain of customers to use the matchmaking site free so you can get a larger of people interested in your site. Use forums your target market may frequent, create in online magazines and create banner as well.

You can hire a freelance graphic deer from online sites like Freelancer. Pretty much all the successful matchmakers I know and work with, had no experience starting out. We all have to start somewhere. I reflected this through my membership packages and prices. I started small and grew.

There is nothing wrong with aiming and starting at the top from day 1, but my own journey saw me start out fairly small so I could learn on the job. It turns out that Darrell is a huge introvert that hates crowds and Andrea is a night owl that parties all the time.

There's no way those two would work. Know what the people are really like, not just aspects of something they like or do. Often this will mean getting real with your clients. Do they end up dumping their ificant others when things start getting tough? Do they have trust issues? Any mental illnesses or hints thereof? Are they aggressive or overly temperamental? Are they a doormat? These are all things that matter to their happiness in a mate and to your success as a matchmaker. Weed out the clients that don't match your mission.

In other words, get rid of the clients you don't get along with and that aren't looking for actual relationships. If someone has a violent history, don't take them on. If someone is only looking for a string of one-night stands, don't take them on.

You're a business and you have the right to refuse service to anyone. After all, you're putting someone else's life in their trajectory. You don't want to end up instigating undue harm to any party. That's the extreme of it. The other side is those clients that just aren't actually ready for a relationship. We all know those people that say they want a relationship and a successful one at that , but in reality they just need to love themselves first.

Maybe they don't even know. Get a sense for how each client works. Every one of your clients is looking for a relationship, yes, but the word "relationship" means different things to different people. What does it mean to the person you're working with? Does it mean a movie on Friday nights and the occasional coffee between hour work weeks or does it mean texting every 4 hours between furtive glances in the sheets?

More often than not people are different in a relationship than they are just as themselves. They become stronger or weaker, have different expectations, different priorities, and focus on different things. This is the person you need to get to know beneath who they are on the outside. It's not just who they are, it's who they are as a boyfriend or girlfriend. Help your clients do it right.

Not only are you matchmaking your clients, but you're also operating as a mentor, therapist, and relationship guide. This is not the type of transaction where you get the check and that's that — you have an investment in these people. So when they're struggling or not sure what to do, help them out in whatever way you can. You want a happy customer, right?

Let's say Cliff has been on a couple dates with several of your clients and nothing has worked out. In that situation, you may want to take Cliff aside and have him talk through the dates so you can pinpoint "where he's going wrong. You want your clients to be successful, but sometimes they need a prod in the right direction. When it comes to choosing a name for your business, you should be creative because whatever name you choose for your business will go a long way to create a perception of what the business represents.

Usually it is the norm for people to follow the trend in the industry they intend operating from when naming their business. If you are considering starting your own matchmaking services company, here are some catchy names that you can choose from;. So, it is important to create a budget for insurance and perhaps consult an insurance broker to guide you in choosing the best and most appropriate insurance policies for your matchmaking services company.

Here are some of the basic insurance covers that you should consider purchasing if you want to start your own matchmaking services company in the United States of America;. If you want to register your trademark, you are expected to begin the process by filing an application with the USPTO. If you want to make an impact in the industry, you should work towards acquiring all the needed certifications in your area of specialization. You are strongly encouraged to pursue professional certifications; it will go a long way to show your commitment towards the business.

Certification validates your competency and shows that you are highly skilled, committed to your career, and up-to-date in the market. These are some of the certifications you can work towards achieving if you want to run your own matchmaking services company;. Please note that you can successfully run a matchmaking services company in the United States and in most countries of the world without necessarily acquiring professional certifications and business as long as you have adequate experience cum background when it comes to working with people.

In my business, Rachel Russo Relationships, I coach people on everything from dealing with breakups, to navigating the world of online dating, to getting to. As long as you have the desire, you can become a matchmaker, and get a job as a matchmaker or start your own matchmaking business.

No special education. The essence of having the necessary documentation in place before launching a business in the United States of America cannot be overemphasized. It is a fact that you cannot successfully run any business in the United States without the proper documentations. These are some of the basic legal documents that you are expected to have in place if you want to legally run your own matchmaking services company in the United States of America;. Starting a matchmaking services company can be cost effective especially if you choose to start on a small scale by running the business from your home or sharing office space.

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Starting a Matchmaking Services Business — A Complete Guide; Is something holding you back from taking the 1st step to becoming a matchmaker?

How to start my own matchmaking business

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