How to spot a con artist in a relationship

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Sooner or later, you will have a run-in with a sociopath. There are just too many of them—possibly 30 million sociopaths in America. Sociopaths roam through all parts of society, all areas of the country, all walks of life. There is only one way to protect yourself from sociopaths: You must know what they are, and put your guard up when you start seeing the symptoms.

Sociopaths are prolific con artists. Here are some typical con artist tricks. Con artists will sometimes honor their commitments in the beginning so that you begin to trust them. Their objective is to get you to drop your guard. If you ask questions, the con will glibly provide an explanation—which may also not add up. Or, he or she will sidestep the issue by accusing you of paranoia or mistrust.

A crisis needs to be averted, an opportunity will disappear—whatever the reason, a con artist will want an answer right away. The con will want your money before you figure it out. Typically, when people talk to each other, they look each other in the eyes and then briefly look away. Con artists will slowly and subtly separate you from people who may question their plans. They may intercept phone calls from your friends. They may refuse to associate with your family. For a jaw-dropping look at how sociopaths employ all these techniques, read Love Fraud —How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan.

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How to spot a con artist in a relationship

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