How to regain faith in god

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During finals week in college, I would push myself to study every waking moment, going all night at times because of the stress caused by my undisciplined study habits. All that mattered to me was passing the next test, not actually learning the information. In my mind, I just needed to show up and be able to regurgitate information that I learned just hours before. This grind that I put myself through did get me through those classes, but at the expense of much of my well-being and actually learning the material.

I resisted learning how to study for my finals in a way that I could actually learn the material and grow from the experience. Am I doubtful , unmotivated , bitter , or resistant to change? Or am I faithful and have a willingness to learn? These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold— though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

The Bible says that our faith is more precious than mere gold, but I often do not treat it that way. So we can go from resisting the challenges to be willing to take things on and grow from them. By focusing my Bible study on faith and reflecting on these Scriptures daily, I have been more equipped to evaluate and build my faith instead of just grinding through life. This study will help you examine your faith by highlighting five obvious s your faith is challenged so that you can focus on rebuilding faith in God. I become resistant to the things God calls me to do, like serving and loving others, sacrificing my time or money, or building new relationships.

Until I gain the faith that motivates me to embrace change, this resistance will spill over into other areas of my life and simple everyday tasks feel hard. So he left with only a promise and without even knowing ahead of time where he was going, Abraham stepped out in faith. Faith is what motivates us to move. When we have faith we will take the steps we need to take to listen to God and do what we need to do. If we listen and obey, it gets easier and easier when we do it everyday. I can pat myself on the back because I am doing what someone asked me to do, but be angry the whole time I am doing it.

Be careful that no one loses their faith and becomes like a bitter weed growing among you. Someone like that can ruin your whole group. The Bible teaches that we get bitter when we lose our faith and that bitterness can ruin others around us. When we rebuild our faith we will be able to recognize all the great blessings God has given us and will give us.

I can be motivated to do everything on my list except the hard ones. And sometimes I hope that if I avoid the hard things long enough they will just go away, or someone else will deal with it. What are hard things you tend to avoid? God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes. This is a great scripture on rebuilding faith. Having faith in God will help us handle hard things, whether they be job, relationship, health or financial trouble.

When we give our attention to God, he helps us deal with anything that comes in our way. Whatever we are getting worked up about, whatever feels hard, God will help. Sometimes I can see a text message or a phone call from someone and just expect the worst thing has just happened or is about to happen.

When we get to a place where we expect the worst case situation, we can know our faith is in a low place. We simply need to keep believing instead of following the waves of doubt. It is not our circumstances that cause us to doubt, we doubt because we have become an ambivalent person because of our lack of faith. You can have confidence no matter what is going on in life and when we doubt we have to accept that it is about us having low faith, not about God having limited power or heart to help us.

What do people think about me? Many of us start young dwelling on others opinions of us. Do people like me? Our world comes crashing down when we get any form of rejection, correction, or even if someone forgets to smile at us. When our faith is low, we look to get our confidence from what people think about us instead of God. Hopefully you were able to identify areas you could use fresh faith. Though this can often feel like a setback, it is actually progress and necessary before you are able to start rebuilding, which is our ultimate goal.

See to it, brothers and sisters, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God. Have faith in Him in all circumstances, dear people. Open up your heart to Him; the True God shelters us in His arms. These scriptures give us guidance with simple steps we can take to rebuild our faith when we need it most, specifically turning to spiritual friends for help and deciding to open your heart again to God. There are many times in my life, including recently, where I have needed friends to point out where I am at and direct me to scriptures on how to get my faith strong.

Only when we invite spiritual friends into our lives with our honesty, humility, and responsiveness are we able to conquer the unbelief that we allow in our hearts, which makes us resistant and turns us away from God. Make a decision to open up your heart again to God by praying about what really is going on in your heart. Set aside time to have spiritual talks with your spouse, roommates, and friends about where your faith has been at and ask for help on how to rebuild it again.

Wondering how to regain faith in God? Start by asking yourself whether you see any of these s apparent in your life, then start rebuilding. Listen to this devotional. Faith Holiday of Faith. Author Staff Writer. This article was created by a member of the Deep Spirituality editorial team.

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How to regain faith in god

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How To Keep & Rebuild Faith During Struggles