How to play hard

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Dating is all about confidence, not narcissism. Have a true sense of self-worth and know that no guy is too good for you. You deserve a good man , so be confident enough to hold out for that… just not so conceited that you expect him to wait on your hand and foot. If you want to be a catch, you have to act like one. You want to be with a man you feel lucky to have, but he should feel the same way about you. Believing in yourself is half the battle.

You have to refuse to settle because you know that you deserve so much better than that. You have to be willing to hold out for not just any guy, but THE guy. Settling for Mr. Wrong just keeps you from finding Mr. Or his. Instead of making yourself easy, be hard to get so that you only end up dating guys you actually have feelings for. So how do you sort the good from the bad? Well, the guys who are willing to make an effort will work hard for you from day one. Being hard to get is all about knowing your own worth.

Rejection is a part of life. Desperation really does stink. Not only that, but the second they smell your desperation, they see a woman who is needy. You immediately connect with an awesome coach via text or over the phone in minutes. Just …. She has been blogging for over four years and writing her whole life.

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How to play hard

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