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With regard to Jesus Christ dwelling in our hearts, the first part of that duty applies to us: we need to make Christ feel at home in our hearts. The second part does not apply to Christ, because He does not come into our hearts as a guest, but as the rightful owner. He bought us with His blood. When He comes to dwell in our hearts, He is taking possession of that which is rightfully His. It is not an evangelistic verse. In Revelation , Christ pictures Himself as standing at the door and knocking. He promises to come in and dine with anyone that opens the door.

But the text never states that it is the door to your heart. And, He is speaking to those in the church of Laodicea, who already professed to be Christians. We may argue that they were not genuine believers. But in any case, they were associated with the church. Now, he comes back to his prayer, which runs through verse 19, followed by a benediction in I plan to deal with the section in three parts.

He also confessed that he could not recall any other Scripture in his preaching ministry where he was so conscious of his own inadequacy and inability as this one ibid. If you want more depth than I can offer, I refer you to his fine work. The first is that the Ephesians would be strengthened with power through the Spirit in the inner man, so that Christ may dwell in their hearts by faith. The second request is that they would be able have the power to comprehend the incomprehensible love of Christ, so that they may be filled up to all the fullness of God.

This is a prayer for their spiritual maturity, that they may be fully conformed to Jesus Christ. We should also note that this prayer is Trinitarian: Paul prays to the Father that Christ may dwell in their hearts through the power of the Spirit. It is ificant that although he was in prison when he recorded this prayer, he does not mention his need for deliverance.

When he finally does get around to asking prayer for himself , he asks them to pray that he will be bold in making the gospel known as he should. Briefly, note five lessons on prayer:. And, because there are examples in Scripture of godly men praying for what God has already said that He would do. God promised to restore the Jews to the Promised Land after 70 years of Babylonian captivity, but both Daniel and Nehemiah turned that promise into prayer Daniel 9; Nehemiah 1. Even so, we should take the revealed purpose and promises of God and turn them into prayer.

The Bible reveals people offering prayer as they stand, sit, lay prostrate, and kneel. Kneeling revealed reverence, submission, humility, and adoration before God. While we are invited to come to God as our loving Father, we should always do so with reverence and submission to His sovereign authority.

Paul has been emphasizing the unity of Jews and Gentiles in the one body of Christ. Why would he interject this new idea of every family, which implies individuality, not unity? This view fits the context.

Paul was referring to all of the saints, whether in heaven or on earth. Thus when we pray, we should recognize that we belong to this great family, the saints in heaven and on earth. But, I would add, you must be born into this family through the new birth. Otherwise, you do not have the family privilege of coming before the Father with your requests. The word means to give freely. It recognizes that we never should ask God for anything based on any merit of our own.

Rather, we only receive from Him according to His grace. The universe declares the glory or splendor of His mighty power Ps. Paul does not ask God to give out of the riches of His glory, but according to those riches. If he gives you ten million dollars, he gave according to his riches.

The point is, God is not lacking in resources to meet our needs. As Paul prays Phil. Do you pray it for other believers? To make Christ at home in your heart and for Him to be at home in the hearts of other believers, begin with prayer. Why do we need this power in the inner man? Many reasons could be given, but here are three:. We all start out as babes. As you know, babies are totally dependent on their parents for everything. Spiritually, even when we grow to maturity, we never outgrow our need for the power of the Spirit in the inner man.

Hudson Taylor said that when God decided to open inland China to the gospel, He looked around to find a man weak enough for the task E. Broadbent, The Pilgrim Church , p. Our bodies are wearing out! That should be a good reminder that our days on earth are limited and we need to focus on the inner, hidden qualities of the heart.

The battle against temptation and sin is a battle that is won or lost in the heart or inner man. Jesus pointed out that the outward sins that we see all come out of our hearts Mark You may be able to change your outward behavior through various techniques or methods that you learn in counseling or through a seminar. The Pharisees looked good on the outside, but Jesus said that on the inside they were full of uncleanness and lawlessness Matt.

Genuine Christianity is not just a moral improvement program. God is in the business of changing our hearts—our motives, our attitudes, and our desires. For that kind of inner change, we need nothing less than the power of the Holy Spirit. Only He can make your heart the kind of place where Jesus is pleased to dwell. If Christ does not live in you, you are not a Christian, no matter how religious you may be or how strongly you affirm the Christian creeds Rom.

So, why then in our text does Paul pray that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith? He was writing to Christian believers. The only conclusion is that Paul is talking about something more than Christ indwelling us at the point of salvation.

He is talking about Christ being at home in our hearts. He is talking about having close fellowship with Christ. Charles Hodge ibid. Biblical faith is always linked with obedience. If you trust God, you obey God. To obey God, you must trust that His Word is true. The verb that Paul uses refers to a permanent indwelling or residence of Christ in the heart. He means that we should welcome Christ into every aspect of our lives, so that there is no known area of our lives that we would be uncomfortable having Christ share it with us. I want to have you settle down here and be perfectly at home.

Everything I have belongs to you. Let me show you around and introduce you to the various features of the home so that you may be more comfortable and that we may have fuller fellowship together. So, he took Christ into the study or library, which represents the things that the mind focuses on. The Lord had a bit of cleanup work to do there, getting rid of books and magazines, as well as some shameful pictures on the wall. They moved on to the dining room, which represented eating worldly fare rather than doing the will of God. Worldly pleasures do not satisfy in the long run.

Our food should be to do His will. From there, they moved to the drawing room, or sitting room. It had a fireplace, overstuffed chairs, a bookcase, and a quiet atmosphere. They agreed to meet there each morning to start the day together. At first, they spent some wonderful hours there.

But then, as pressures mounted, the time began to be shortened. Then, Munger got so busy that he started skipping these times. One morning as he was rushing out the door, he saw that the door to the drawing room was ajar. There was a fire in the fireplace and the Lord was sitting in there alone. They moved on to the workshop, where the Lord showed him how He could work through him to produce good works.

Then, the Lord asked about the playroom. But finally he realized that he would have no joy unless the Lord remodeled that room of the house also. He thought that the Lord had finally finished the remodeling and was comfortable living there. But then one day he came home to find the Lord waiting at the door.

There is something dead in here, in the hall closet.

How to make christ

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