How to learn thai language fast

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in. I am sure everyone wants to learn Thai fast. Especially when it comes to language learning, everyone looks for the quick option, a way to speed through the learning process straight to fluency. However, this is not really possible. Saying that, there are some ways in which you can learn Thai faster. Today, we are going to look into some ways of do i ng just that — speeding up the process of learning a language.

This is possible to an extent, but it does that a lot of input from you as the learner. If you are ready to put in the time, then read on. As important as grammar is, it serves no purpose if you have no vocabulary to use it with. As soon as you start learning some Thai words, you can put them into action. Of course, you will likely make many mistakes with this method, but that is all part of the learning process. Actually practicing to communicate with someone in the language will show you how the language works in everyday speech. Try learning the very basics of grammar of Thai such as the word order Subject, Verb, Object.

That should be enough to get you started. Over time as you get used to the language, you will start to piece together the intricacies of the grammar. Essentially, with this tip, you will avoid being slowed down by the less exciting and less actionable grammar rules and instead have a foundation of vocabulary that you can actually use. Linking back to the first tip, having someone who can guide you and help your learning is incredibly useful. Putting all the theoretical knowledge into practice will help expose any shortcomings you may have.

Who is better to let you know what sounds correct than a native Thai speaker? Thai speakers will help you to sound more natural when you talk and can help to explain some of the cultural aspects such as politeness much better than you can find online. The goal of this tip is to help you learning be more focussed. With this additional guidance, you should not only get a better quality of learning, but also a faster turnaround time.

If your goal is to be able to communicate with a local, then having a local to talk with just makes sense. As much as I hate to make this sound like an advert for our app, there is truth behind this recommendation. Like we have talked about before, we nearly always have our phones with us. Whether we are commuting to work, travelling, or just sitting around bored at home, we are able to use these language learning apps like Ling to get in just that little bit extra time learning.

Putting in just 5 or 10 extra minutes a day practising Thai vocabulary or grammar can really make a difference in your ability to remember. Repeated exposure helps to move these new words and phrases into your memory. Then there is the fact that these apps are able to offer different ways of learning beyond just reading or writing. They are able to test your speaking and listening in the language which is not possible in books alone. Ultimately, it is the convenience and diversity offered that make these apps an ideal partner for those looking to learn the Thai language fast.

To an extent it certainly is possible to learn Thai fast, but it does require a lot of input by the learner and, of course, a realistic outlook. This is not a case of days or weeks, but months and years. It is possible to learn and become fluent in Thai, and half the battle is not becoming disillusioned in the process.

If you can do that and you follow these tips, then you stand a good chance of learning Thai at a respectable speed. As we have said, the Ling Thai app is a great companion for language learners. Set aside a few minutes everyday to test your knowledge and take some tests to strengthen your understanding. You will learn languages in fun ways! Get started. Open in app. Ling Learn Languages. in Get started. Get started Open in app. More from Ling Learn Languages Follow. More From Medium. Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya. Concealed Guns on College Campuses. Miles Burditt.

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How to learn thai language fast

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