How to get over mr wrong

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Breakups are hard…even the ones that we know are literally the best thing for us. And as we fight like hell to move on, we come upon the golden question…. Why do I still love him? How long will I fight these feelings? I left him in the past, but he is still present in my heart.

But I do know one thing. Your pain is normal and your feelings are valid. But that you can fight it bravely because He has overcome the worst of the worst in the world — EVEN heartbreak like yours John When the pang of loneliness breaths its firey breath on you, are you trying to dump water on it to diffuse it temporarily? Or are you letting Him fight the dragon for you — to the death? Are you turning to Jesus to be a bandaid over the wound? Or are you letting Him actually cure the pain?

Letting Jesus overcome the world of pain we face requires a total surrender of our sword…of our desire to fix it ourselves and have it comfort us in the process. Because the old way of life and the past will always try to burn us and remind us of its existence because it wants us to live there…especially if there was a thrill to it.

Old habits, old flames, old love. But when Jesus is your Knight, your cure, and your King…then you are a new creation 2 Corinthians Think big picture — think conquering dragons not just dowsing the flame. Because you DO deserve a man who would die fighting for you. And you do have that man who proved He would die for you, years ago, on a cross. He conquered the fires of hell. View the discussion thread. Search form Search. Jordan Lee. End bad relationship? Heal from pain of the breakup? Learn my lesson and grow in my faith?

Double Check! Never think about the ex? Live happily ever after? Follow Jordan!

How to get over mr wrong

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Getting Over Mr. Wrong