How to get a girlfriend when you re shy

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Of course, you tried to overcome your shyness with exposure therapy. All these situations sound very familiar to me. I had fought a long battle with social anxiety. I learned to control it, tame it, and use it. The fact that I was too shy to meet women made me sick to my stomach. I still remember this one day. There was this beautiful girl in my college class and I wanted to approach her.

I wanted it so bad. I chickened out. Thank God, I made it to the bathroom in time. And thanks to one of my first mentors I discovered how to use my handicap to my advantage:. You are too shy anyway…hehe…sorry for the terrible joke.

Sounds stupid, but it works. I have to warn you. A lot of the advice I share in this article sounds completely ridiculous, but works like magic. You know me. Really feel it. Observe your body and feel how you calm down. Several scientific studies prove that deep breathing can calm your mind and reduce stress and anxiety. The fact that I saw a loser turned me into a loser. I became a slave to my shyness. I crippled myself. Imagine yourself as this man and observe how your shyness decreases and your confidence increases.

You came here because you want to know how to meet a girl if you are shy. You want to make her your girlfriend. You, however, need to feel comfortable to be social. Imagine you see a hot girl walking down the street. Your shyness kicks in. You feel so unworthy. You feel unworthy of smelling her fart. However, I know that imagining all the disgusting things women do makes you feel less shy because you remove them from the sky-high pedestal. Suddenly, they are human beings. Then it starts. You start to sweat. You want to give up. Feel the sensation and realize that this is a normal reaction of your body.

Your body alizes you that you like this girl. Your body wants you to approach her. You can feel it. You might be the first guy who walks up to her. Believe it or not, but beautiful women are shy. I approached girls who were shaking. She might be even more nervous and anxious than you. Yes, you read it right. She wants to feel special. She feels such a relief because now she can be herself while talking to you. These are the topics you feel comfortable talking about. She wants to get to know you anyway.

Do her a favor and tell her about yourself. Women are attracted to men on a mission…especially if the mission is to overcome shyness. Let her know that you want to overcome your limitation and that you thrive for excellence. She wants to see the real you. Show her the same face you show your best friend. It would be stupid to get her and to wait a couple of days to set up a date.

Now you have momentum. The result is more than embarrassing. Your nervousness and anxiety can cripple your memory. Swallow your ego and say what you want to say. Believe it or not, but your shyness can be a huge advantage. I know, it sounds crazy. But it works. Women are attracted to men who make them imagine things…naughty things. You can be this mysterious seducer. Nobody has to know that you are too shy to talk. No shy guy on earth likes to hold eye contact. I remember the first time I held eye contact with a girl for more than one second.

It was pure nightmare. Afterwards, my eyes felt as if I had played video games for five hours straight. I practiced and I expect the same from you. What comes afterwards is important. And if you want more information on getting and keeping a girlfriend, you can check out my book Rise of the Phoenix. Do you want to know how to get a girlfriend if you are shy? First, you have to overcome your little handicap. Preparation is everything. Do the breathing and the visualization exercises I share with you. They really help. Think about the venues that make you feel comfortable and confident.

Go there. And use your mind to turn her into a human being. Hey Andrew, A lot of my coaching clients are in their 40s and 59s. The time passes anyway, no matter if you work on yourself or not. A shy man would do so much better in finding a potential wife, girlfriend, or sexual partner in a foreign country like the Philippines or Russia or Brazil.

If he tries to find a good woman to talk, ask out on a date, or have sex in USA or a Westernized country, he would suffer. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. But you still want to meet a girl…and make her your girlfriend. Am I right? Do any of the following situations sound familiar to you? Today I know how to meet girls despite my handicap. Stop using this terrible word as an excuse to stay home and get a hot girlfriend instead…. I was so ashamed of myself that I threw up. So listen up… 1.

Overcome Your Shyness with Logic Yes, with logic. Yes, you will because… 2. The following technique sounds so simple, but it works:.

How to get a girlfriend when you re shy

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How To Catch A Woman's Attention, Even When You're The Shyest Guy In The Room