How to find musicians for a band

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Open menu. Sometimes finding musicians to jam with can be quite a daunting task, especially if you're now living somewhere new or trying to network further afield. my band UK. Thus making it easier to find people in your area rather than every advert ever. Gum Tree Community Section.

Allows you to up and play music live online with others, you can rehearse with people you know or open sessions for a Jam with people of the same ability. It also gives you the option to record and broadcast your online session. Band Mix. Good reviews have also lead to it being one of the highest rated and largest classifieds online. Meet and Jam.

Their focus is to build a community that is real and personal. With over 12, musicians on their website, they host Jam nights in the UK to bring musicians together. They also take listings for studios, engineers and producers. Vampr helps you discover, connect and collaborate with musicians, the music industry and music lovers alike. Jamseek London. Created with beginners and hobbyists in mind, learning music and looking for others to Jam with. Almost half of all users are London based and it has a search function that allows you to filter age, distance, instrument and genre.

Deed to help like-minded individuals in your area connect. Search topics could be: guitar, songwriting, musicians and you will be able to connect to people all over the world. Whether dancing, singing, reading, building… the list goes on!

Free to use and have over 30, potential band members from all around the world. This platform also helps producers and engineers to connect. Also free to up and get your band on the road! Find this helpful? Follow us on social media via the links below or subscribe to our blog at the top of the for more. Thanks for popping by! Write a comment Name. Starting at. Hire Department. Blog post.

How to find musicians for a band

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