How to breakup with someone nicely

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According to experts, there are ways to break up with someone in a nice way and help minimize the pain of breakups on both sides. Deanna Fernandez, MHC. So you stay despite how you feel. BUT, make sure you actually want to end the relationship. Sometimes our feelings lead us to the conclusion that we may not truly want. No backsies! If you end it in your place or theirs , your car, or something intimate, you can get distracted.

Also, harder to exit stage left if the person refuses to leave your home or car. Make this about how you feel about the relationship and own it. Who knows, maybe you guys are better off as friends. Crossing the lines during a breakup is guaranteed to place you on the shit list forever. How awkward is it when you have to arrange to pick up belongings from their house after a breakup? Make sure you tie up loose ends by discussing things in person. Make a plan to tie up loose ends before anyone leaves. Set a reasonable time for this conversation.

Staying in this mess could get real ugly! It may be helpful to talk things out with your friends, family, or even a therapist to help you sort your feelings. Relationships are hard, emotions are running high, and it can be challenging how to express these emotions and identify what it is you need and want.

Breaking up with someone nicely is definitely more of an art than a science, but by following a few basic principles, hurt feelings or lingering hostility can usually be mitigated or eliminated. In my view, the key to breaking up with someone nicely is to avoid language that communicates criticism, blame, or rejection. Further complicating the situation is the feeling of rejection that will almost certainly be experienced by your partner, and the natural defensiveness that this rejection will inspire.

So while that covers what not to say and how to say it, what should you say? Avoid expressing opinions or anything that can be argued or disputed. Also, avoid citing issues that can be fixed or addressed. It is also something that cannot be argued or disputed. While this might not prevent the initial feeling of loss, it may help to mitigate feelings of personal rejection and provide a logical basis that may expedite the recovery process. One or maybe two, tops solid, indisputable reasons for the breakup is far better than dog-piling one reason after another after another.

Breaking up with someone nicely sometimes requires some thought and planning, which may make it seem manipulative, or perhaps even disingenuous. The best way to break up with someone is, to be honest, but make it about you. Identify things you enjoyed about being with them. Maybe you want to take the relationship to the next level or maybe you want it to stay casual but they want the opposite.

You also want to thank them for spending time with you. That you appreciated getting to know them. Being broken up with is frequently painful. There is no getting past that. But having the respect to do it in person, not through text and certainly not by ghosting, is the kindest way to go about it. Being willing to sit with their hurt is an important acknowledgment of them.

Ending a relationship with someone is never easy, regardless if you have known each other for 2 months or 2 years. When you are ready to break up with someone no matter what you say and how nicely you tell it to them, they will still feel rejected by you. In most cases, the person does not want to cause pain to the other person, and there are some techniques to lessen the impact of the breakup to help the person being left behind not feel so bad about themselves.

You want to be prepared. Break-up with someone is ten times as important than speaking in front of your manager. You are about to take away something that is important to someone else, and it will be painful for them. In preparing what you are going to say anticipate they may feel personally attacked. It will be natural for them to want to say things out of anger and hurt. Even if you are leaving them because of things they have done or said, this is not the time to talk about things they have done wrong. Talk about how you feel, what you want, and what is next for you.

Ending the relationship will feel like a punch in the gut or a knife to their heart. They will experience, abandonment, fear, rejection, and anger all at the same time. Be patient and answer their questions. They may want to talk about it the next day or the next week.

Be available for a few weeks to speak with them about what happened. This strategy will help them process what their new life will look like without you. After being patient with them and answering all the questions you can. Allow your choice to be final and keep moving forward with what you said was best for you.

Going back and forth will only cause more damage. Be sure to end the conversation with how great and wonderful they are and sharing all the great things that make them unique and special. Give them hope that they will find someone who will give them the love they need. The truth is lack of honesty in vague reasoning for the break up which gives your partner a lot of space for questions, wanting to re-engage and can even increase anger.

Crafting an honest, yet empathetic, break up conversation can be helpful in their ability to move forward, but also your ability to establish clear boundaries after you end the relationship. Try having this conversation in a way that gives honor to the breadth of the relationship. If it was a fling something short, both of you understood there was limited connection and meaning you may be able to have the conversation over the phone.

If it was a more lengthy or meaningful relationship, have the conversation in person, if possible. Never break up over text and ghosting is always discouraged. No matter what you say, breaking up is never easy and they are likely to be hurt.

Run your plan by a trusted friend, if you need to, to help you be your best self in a challenging moment. Be gentle, honest and clear in your communication when breaking up. Kevon Owen, M. The nicest way to break up with someone will still include taking and distributing a fair amount of emotional damage. This one may be difficult because it is hard to face someone you know you are causing emotional pain. However, facing them will convey respect and certainty. Be concise and deliver the why, and then leave it. The nicest break up allows both sides to leave with their integrity.

When people get to the point of breaking up with someone usually its accompanied with a fair amount of frustration and anger. Additionally, this will help keep you from being talked out of a breakup which inevitably will lead you to break up with them again. Shirley Pakdaman, Psy. Honesty is the best policy. Dating Coach, Meetopolis. Never let mutual friends know you are going to break up with your SO before you tell him or her yourself.

Be very clear you are breaking up. You are ending the relationship on what you hope is a good note. You had some fun together and you personally learned more about yourself in the process. Instead, ask him if he wants to take a short walk with you, or share a final glass of wine with her. Be kind. Stay firm though because the relationship is over. No breakup sex or even a sexy farewell kiss. Leave your ex alone on social media. Step away from your mobile device. Grab a beer or glass of wine with your friends instead. Just as you will recover and move on, so will your ex.

Everyone will be fine. Breaking up with a partner can be challenging, especially when you want to minimize as much hurt as possible. One way to break up with someone nicely is by doing it in a setting or location that does not draw much attention to them and gives them space to grieve and process in their own way. A good location could be in a small outdoor setting, such as a coffee shop or over a light dinner, again, does not draw attention to either one of you.

Alternatively, in private, this could be in their home so that you openly and honestly express why the relationship is no longer working for you and are able to remove yourself if things become too emotionally overwhelming. Author Founder, Simply Celebrate.

How to breakup with someone nicely

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How to Break Up Respectfully