How big is your ego test

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Everyone has an ego ; for someone, it is the fuel to success, and for some, it is like putting fuel to the fire of self-destruction. There is a minute line between self-confidence and self-obsessed , lost in your own world. That line describes ego clearly.

There are many definitions of the ego, but it's your sense of personal identity or feelings of self-importance, to put it simply. It helps you identify your 'uniqueness,' to stand up for yourself, and put plans into action. The ego lives only when you feel important. It is as simple as that if you feel important for yourself, your ego gets a life. If everything goes perfect and happy in your life, the ego starts looking into negative situations to worry about or to make it an issue to cling on.

It interprets , inputs rude, negative thoughts into your mind, and makes you feel offended suddenly. Someone who is behaving egoistically is simply pursuing his or her own goals. The ego always distracts us from the present moment; it constantly fluctuates the mind between the past and the future , so we will miss living in the present. Good mental health is a stream of living life with full awareness , mindfulness , enjoying the present moment , and inner harmony. But with ego, you were too stuck in your head to fully engage your senses and miss enjoys the world around you.

Everybody has an ego; there is nothing wrong with that. But what makes it problematic is an unregulated ego makes you a slave to your own negative thoughts that, in turn, affects your mental wellness and engage with unwanted issues around you. Because nobody is going to tell you straight that they are finding it difficult with your ego issues. To give you some idea of what this quiz looking for here, there are a few characteristics that people with enormous egos tend to embody.

For example, if you are always talking about yourself, you have a massive ego, and you don't give space for anyone else to have an opinion, tell a story, or share anything about themselves. When others talk about subjects unrelated to people with gigantic egos, they will likely tune out of the conversation or interrupt with information that is way more interesting.

You may not be aware of these kinds of behavior in you, but these are strong egoistic people's strong traits. By knowing this, you can implement some behavioral changes or, if needed, therapy. Ego is a good one if it helps you succeed with every aspect of life, but if it turns to a voice in the head that always le you towards anger, frustration, distrust of everyone and everything around, you should wake up. It is not an instinct; rather, it is a mental disturbance that should be taken care of immediately.

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How big is your ego test

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How Big Is Your Ego?