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Countless possibilities. Blaze your own trail at Northwood Tech. Tammy has aspired to earn a degree for many years. When she heard about Northwood Tech's Veterinary Technician program, she knew it was the right path for her. Northwood Tech's small class sizes and hands-on instruction provide Tammy with the skills she needs to be successful in her internship and in her future career.

In addition to her educational responsibilities, Tammy is president of the Veterinary Technician club on campus, plus she works part-time at a local veterinary clinic and manages a hobby farm. With the support of her family and boss, along with her weekly to-do lists, she is able to stay on top of deadlines. After graduation, Tammy plans to complete the certification test to become a Certified Veterinary Technician.

She hopes to one day work in animal research. Jon and his wife currently own and operate three restaurants; however, his true calling has always been the IT field. The IT program has provided Jon with a sense of community. Every student comes from a different background, and they each bring a unique perspective to the table. Jon and his wife have two little ones, so he is juggling a family along with his schoolwork.

With the support of his wife, Jon has the time to focus on his schooling. Jon hopes to continue his education. His goal is to take more classes in IT to expand his knowledge and skill set. Alexa chose Northwood Tech because she knew the small class sizes would allow for a more personal and tailored experience. She's not afraid to reach out to her instructors for help. Alexa has made connections with staff, instructors and classmates.

She looks forward to going to class and knows that these connections are a key to her success. On top of being a full-time student, Alexa works two part-time jobs. She works up to 55 hours per week, but her schoolwork is always her top priority. After graduating from Northwood Tech, Alexa plans to enter the workforce immediately. She hopes to get a job at a preschool teaching three- to five-year-old children.

She may continue her education eventually, but she hopes to get experience in the field first. With the University Transfer Degree, Bill can complete his generals at Northwood Tech and seamlessly transfer to a university. For Bill, this is a convenient and cost-affordable way for him to complete his pre-requisite general studies.

Some of Bill's most enjoyable memories are from the campus events and leadership retreats that students can attend. Attending Northwood Tech, Bill has learned the benefits of attending a smaller campus. He appreciates the opportunity for one-on-one learning and the sense of community between students, faculty and staff.

After Northwood Tech, Bill will transfer to a four-year university to study pre-law and then move on to law school. Make the most of your Northwood Tech experience by getting involved. Know what program you're interested in or want to browse your options? Check out associate degrees, technical diplomas and certificates. View Programs and Certificates. Find a Class. Professional Development: Essential Supervisory Skills. Life and Leisure: Language.

Professional development gives you the training, skills, certification and licensure classes to keep you on top of your career and fulfill your continuing education required for your work. Explore Professional Development Options. Get Experienced Consulting. Explore a new hobby and lifelong learning with life and leisure classes, such as art, cooking, writing and more. Explore Life and Leisure Classes. Northwood Tech's community of graduates who experience success.

Although Maria was a high achieving student in Puerto Rico, she knew only Spanish when she arrived, so language was a barrier. She eventually learned English through school and on her own with a dictionary. At 17, Maria left high school to take care of her new baby.

Ten years later she walked into Northwood Tech for her GED to create a better life for herself and her children. With a community of support, Maria was able to complete the nursing program while holding down a job and taking care of her two boys. Maria has now worked in the nursing field in various roles including as a nurse, a manager and as an instructor to others. She says caring for others has always come first for her ever since she helped take care of her grandmother when she was young.

Jeff got a flyer from Northwood Tech after deploying to Iraq and thought he'd check out the Management and Leadership program. After hitting it off with his instructor and taking his first class with other working adult students, he knew it was the right fit.

The evening classes allowed Jeff to be active in the Army National Guard and a part-time student, taking one class per semester on average with his military tuition assistance. Jeff spent 25 years in the military before retiring and taking on his new career.

He says the people skills and learning how to create a good working environment were the most helpful in his transition to civilian-life management. Within two years of working at Verizon, Jeff was promoted to management where he managed three staging facilities and about 30 employees throughout the Midwest. He also was able to transfer all of his Northwood Tech credits to continue his education and obtain a bachelor's degree.

Although Amber wasn't sure what career she wanted to pursue, she was sure that she wanted to do something important and she wanted to help people. The staff were always supportive to Amber and her daughter as they spent many evenings studying in Northwood Tech's Learning Resource Center. Amber felt passionate to apply her education to the community she was living, so in addition to working and taking classes, Amber also volunteered for the Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse.

Amber is now a program coordinator in the sexual assault program at the Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse. She looks back on her time at Northwood Tech as a fantastic, accelerated program. Chet had several jobs, tried a university and community college and was in the military before landing at Northwood Tech, using his military tuition assistance.

He decided on the architecture program after taking the career survey online. He had taken AutoCAD 2D drafting software classes in high school and had a construction background, so the program was relevant to his interests and past experiences. Chet met what would soon be his employer through a class asment to interview an architect, which led to an internship that turned into a full-time job.

Chet helped lead the firm's transition to Revit a new 3D drafting software , and helped teach others how to use the software. One of Chet's first major projects was a bank in River Falls. He credits his drafting skills and construction knowledge for helping him launch his career. The instructors made me feel very confident in what I was learning. I felt very prepared. See some of the highest paying average annual starting salaries Northwood Tech graduates have reported:. The program provides real-world examples and situations to help students grow.

The College is like a second family who helps you achieve your personal goals while creating genuine real-life memories that you will never forget. At Northwood Tech, learning is our passion and it shows. Ranked among the top two-year colleges in the nation, Northwood Tech's graduates leave the College with the confidence and experience needed for success. Have you taken classes at other colleges or in high school that count for college credit? Do you have military or other career or life experience that may count? See if you can start a step ahead.

Get Credit for Prior Learning. Do you need to teach your employees specific skills to get the job done right? From trades skills to management and leadership soft skills, Northwood Tech will work with you and your employees to provide customized business training that works for your business goals. Consult with a Northwood Tech Business Advisor. Have you already completed a class or certificate that counts toward a technical diploma or associate degree? Find your program and see what the next step is. Need to get d or complete continuing education classes for your job?

You'll find options here to hone your skills and stay up-to-date in your industry. Renew Your Certification. Are you ready to experience success? Northwood Tech staff are standing by to support you in reaching your educational and career goals, so do it. Take the leap. Request Information. See yourself at Northwood Technical College.

Tammy Williams-Starzinsky Veterinary Technician. Alexa Robinson Early Childhood Education. Bill Thompson University Transfer Degree. Experience Northwood Tech. Tammy Williams-Starzinsky. Achieving her goals. Hands-on classes. Juggling school and work. Learning is a lifelong journey. Jon Fritsche. Jon is changing career paths. A sense of community on campus.

Making time for schoolwork with support from his family. Continuing his education. Alexa Robinson. Alexa started at Northwood Tech right after high school. Connections and networking opportunities. Alexa works two part-time jobs.

Entering the workforce. Bill Thompson. Bill is completing his generals at Northwood Tech. Bill is involved with student life. Northwood Tech's supportive staff made a huge difference for Bill. Welcome to Campus Life.

Housewives looking real sex Cushing Wisconsin 54006

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Housewives looking real sex Cushing Wisconsin