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But there are no husbands at this address. There are five women — my partner and me; our year-old daughter; our shoulder-compromised housemate and her partner. I had a pillow like that when I was a teenager. I even schlepped it to college, and I was grateful for its comfort as I read Chaucer on my upper bunk. My pillow was pink and popsicle-green gingham, with a ruffled edge.

I left the pillow behind when I moved to Oregon at age As it became clear that a husband, silent or garrulous, would not be entering my life, I stopped thinking about the term entirely. Well, not entirely. There was the night when my beloved Pop-pop, shuffling to bed on the arm of his caregiver, passed the dining room table where my partner and I sat in deep concentration. Then, in the space of a decade or so, the world turned upside-down. Queer people started marrying left and right I mean that in political terms; the same-sex marriage movement made bedfellows, so to speak, of progressives and conservatives.

Playwright Tony Kushner, while accepting an award at a local synagogue, told a funny anecdote about his husband, and no one flinched. Hmm…what exactly is it you two do together? Which — um — we were. No wonder mid-century feminists wanted to steer clear. Which le us back to the bedroom, where the personal is still and always political. After the shoulder repair, we will bring our housemate iced mint tea, then crank up the air conditioner so she can recuperate in the cuddle of her … Pillow-pal?

Too cutesy. Nah, sounds like one of those virtual pets. Definitely not. In joy, in sorrow, in a post-surgery haze, in burgundy cotton or pink ruffles, with arms always open, always outstretched. Thoughtful essays, commentaries, and opinions on current events, ideas, and life in the Philadelphia region.

We discuss the strains that the coronavirus has put on our romantic relationships -- dating with masks, sex and physical distancing, and marriages under quarantine. Solitude and the creative life. Author Fenton Johnson s Marty to talk about his decision to live in relative solitude. Then, we discuss the nuances of modern marriage with sociologist Kristi Williams.

Happy Together. Speak Easy. We were having a little domestic problem at my house. Share this Facebook Twitter . Brought to you by Speak Easy Speak Easy Thoughtful essays, commentaries, and opinions on current events, ideas, and life in the Philadelphia region. You may also like. Radio Times. About Anndee Hochman . here. Ways to Donate.

Housewives looking real sex Ben Franklin

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