Hot uga girls

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In. Back to top. View in: Desktop. Home Forums Teams Alabama. SEC Football Schedule. In Register. SEC Rant. 3 of 5. Member since Sep posts Online. It's weird. Agree with this assessment Especially in South Ga. The article also said the girls in Ga. And when that happens, you better hope they weren't taught how to shoot. Replies 1. Options Top. Vecchio Cane Mississippi St. Fan Ivory Tower Member since Jul posts. Blog article from GASN. Replies 0. The hot dumb girls are going to Auburn and Ole Miss. The smarter girls aren't as beautiful. Ole Miss is pretty amazing for that hot and dumb mix.

wang Arkansas Fan Drinkwitz' sex dungeon. Member since Feb posts. What the world needs is more nerds trying to be "sports journalists", and rankings. And people posting links to those blogs on this site. That's what the world needs. I agree that their are beautiful females at every major state university in the South. It's a fact. Second, there is truth to the statement that, generally, the higher academics at the university, the less attractive the women.

Plenty of exceptions but basically true. I was at Harvard's campus in May. Geez, you really had to search to find one female that would equal an average coed on a Southern campus. Harvard has some cute Asians. Reservoir dawg Mississippi St. Fan Member since Oct posts. We need to lower our admissions standards to let the hotties back in. South Georgia has some hotties as well. Savannah and over at Georgia Southern. Those co-eds come over to Savannah on the weekends to be strippers.

That is what I heard anyway. Course every SEC school has some that could compete in the Miss USA contest or win a wet t-shirt contest with no problem in the same weekend. Not sure how many of y'all have actually recently graduated from college, but as a grad who traveled throughout the SEC, here are the bona fide rankings not based on old man speculation. In general, lower academic standards, a large influx of out-of-state students from big cities, and states that house large metro areas tend to have hotter women.

The hottest girls at Ole Miss are not more attractive than the hottest girls at Vandy. There are simply more of them, hence a higher rating. Ole Miss chicks are overrated. Return to Board. Jump to . Latest SEC Headlines ». Updated College Football Rankings - Week 7. Sports Lite ». All Rights Reserved.

Hot uga girls

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