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Romantic Story — Be with me the whole day… Photo credit: veggiegretz from morguefile. My whole day had been ruined because of him. This was the longest fight we have ever had. I picked up my cell to text him something rude so that at least he will call me to have an argument but, I put it back on the table. The thought was too childish. It was nearly five in the morning. Working till late night had been our habit since college days. We used to be up and chat about all the unrelated topics on earth.

I do not remember a single day when we had talked about love. It was never like lovebirds soaked in love syrup. It was always about evil demons loving to roast each other. And that was why we decided to be together because we loved to kill each other by ribbing at every point. The thought of our love and the fight combined together was making me a goner now.

I checked in to whatsapp again to read our conversations. I did it always when we fought. Due to his refusal I had to call my friend and make up a false reason for not turning up. You do not have any time for me, do you? Next month is my birthday and you will be leaving in a couple of days and what will I be doing?

Am I not important to you? Enough of all this drama and busy life of yours where there is no room for me. Pushing all the thoughts aside I decided to go to bed. As soon as I got up from the couch my cell vibrated. It was a message from him. I quickly grabbed my cell and opened the text. Come downstairs as we need to talk. Well, sincerely I had expected to fight over a phone-call and not face to face.

Why is he calling me outside when he can come inside easily? It was about six in the morning and I took a look in the mirror. Even though we were fighting, I always wanted to look good to him. I saw I had eye-boogers and my hair was a mess. I washed my face, used my mouth-wash and looked into the mirror. I applied mild lip balm to my lips to regain the pink tinge, moisturiser as it was winter and I did not by any chance want to expose my dry face to him. I used some hair gel and left my hair untied. I heard my phone ringing but ignoring it, I went to put on my woollen top and my trousers.

I knew he would be taking me on a walk since it was our favourite. I put my scarf around my neck and slipped my feet in a pair of sneakers, not forgetting to grab his muffler from my wardrobe because I knew he would be without one which would get him cold. I checked my looks in the mirror for the last time when I received another call from him. I had the call taken and said that I was coming to which he told me to be fast, in a calm tone and I could tell by his tone that he was not mad anymore.

I locked the door and turned to look at him. I did not know how he managed to look so dashing always. He smiled at me giving no hint of the fight we had hours ago. I smiled back in my most pleasing way. I started walking towards him and he stretched out his hand to grab mine. He pulled me closer to himself and stared lovingly right into my eyes. I closed my eyes abruptly thinking what was with him today?

He had never acted this romantic ever since we were together. I half opened my eyes just to check whether he was my man or somebody else. Yes, he was my love. I opened my eyes. I loved his towering frame covering up my short frame. I barely reached his chin. I gave him a seductive smile looking into his warm eyes and moved to his side. We started walking, my hand still in his. I tried to free my hand from his but he held it tighter, interlocking his fingers with mine. I had to give in to his strength. His thumb started rubbing slowly over mine. He loosened his grip and blindly traced the faint lines of my palm giving me goosebumps.

I quickly pulled my hand off his and looked to the other side trying to hide my mischievous smile. We were moving to some place of scenic beauty which I had never explored before. I was not new to the city as it had been a year since I was transferred here and he had come here twice including this time to pay me a visit. He was engaged in researches of his subject with many projects running under his supervision for which he always had to travel country and abroad. He wanted to settle abroad as most of his projects were offered by United States, but thankfully the plan ought to take place a year later and by then I would be able to meet up the contract which was still left with six more months for me to work for the company.

We barely had time to spend with each other so whenever he would be in my city and yet busy, not even rescheduling his work to see me, would make me feel unimportant, angry and worse which would turn into a fight. It was a cold and chilly morning. The sun was not up yet. We reached a tea stall. Morning tea was something that both of us loved. We had so many things common. Our relationship was special I believed, we believed. We loved like boyfriend and girlfriend, we understood each other as husband and wife, and also we fought like siblings.

He brought two earthen cups of tea while I preferred to sit on a fallen log beside the stall to comfy myself. He sat by my side sipping the tea. I waited for it to cool a bit as it was too hot for my lips. The cool breeze was playing with my locks swaying them to and fro and through the corner of my eyes, I could see him gazing at me as if he was enjoying it.

I did not feel the cold unless I noticed the cup in my hand tremble. The sweater did not seem enough to keep me warm. The fight seemed to be over without any remains. Totally clean. He took the cup from me, kept it aside and shifted closer to me. He unbuttoned his overcoat, pulled out his arm from it and his eyes instructed me to get inside. I obeyed. It was warm inside, warmer because he was so close. He offered me my cup but instead I took his which he had already sipped to half.

He brought his head close to mine. His warm breath on my neck gave me a tingly feeling and I closed my eyes. His remark made me blush. I could feel my cheeks getting red as he gave me a lovely stare. He touched my nose with this forefinger and gave it a slight push. I immediately brought my eyeballs to look at my nose, pulled out my tongue and made a funny face which made him laugh like a kid. I loved his laughter. What about your work?

I felt so special. We walked to the bus stop. I did not ask any more questions because I loved to follow him. A day with him- the thought made me feel like I was on cloud nine. He was busy with his mobile either calling someone or texting. I was busy watching his actions and his expressions. The bus arrived and we got into it. We comforted ourselves on the seat and I covered myself with the other half of his overcoat again. My hand was on his lap and he was holding it giving it a soft squeeze. You knew it right? Look, you need to understand, I know it is difficult but we cannot help.

Just few more days and we will be living together. I knew it could spoil his mood as he hated tears and he hated the cry version of me, it used to make him feel uneasy and weird. But, he was different today. He wiped my tears with his thumb and I buried my head in his shoulder. I could feel his hand on the back of my head, his fingers dipping in my hair and giving me a gentle massage while I sobbed. His other arm, encircling my waist inside the overcoat comforting me at its best.

Hot couple stories

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