Hook up generation

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I decided to take a survey out of 10 different college students, guys and girls. Eight out of the ten either currently have Tinder or have had it in the past. While interviewing Cassandra Waldron, a student at Grand Valley State University, I asked her how she would explain sex within the millennial generation. All of these terms seem to be a cop-out to fully committing to a relationship, which is evident that this generation has had a hard time doing.

The meaning of love is lost for many in this generation. Hookups are part of the breakup recovery process for many young people. Throughout this documentary, you see the group of guys hooking up with many different girls, bragging about the of girls they had slept with over the span of a week.

You now have several generations of boys and men who view this kind of pornography as a primary source of sexual education, or perhaps we should say miseducation. Hold down the the Tinder app, press the big ole X button, and delete that Tinder . Millennials need to start socializing in classes, getting the guts to talk to that cute girl or boy at the library. The Collegiate Live. Illustration by Harrison DiCocco. Recent Posts.

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Hook up generation

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How Gen Z uses sex as a tool for self-discovery, and other views on hookup culture