Home alone any girl wanna come over

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Jessica is running from Something Traumatic, as befitting all protagonists in this kind of movie. No matter. We never find out where Jessica was going, because her plans get derailed. You would think the filmmakers went for this rather Everyman look to distract victims from his villainy, but the guy known as Man in the credits Marc Menchaca never once acts anything other than creepy.

I hope Jeep got paid well for this particular product placement. Jessica wakes up in an empty basement room conveniently fitted with a lovely beam of sunlight streaming through the barred up windows. So far so good for a thriller. This occurs after Jessica overhears Man talking to Wife and Daughter on his cell phone.

Screenwriter Mattias Olsson really wants to lean into the idea that Man is living a secret life, but honestly, why should I be impressed by this? Robert is stupid, as all characters like him are in this type of picture. The dialogue Man is given to speak is atrocious. When the film catches him monologuing while trying to flush Jessica out of the darkness, his attempts at psychological torture sound amateurish and paltry.

It showed a true survival instinct. I might be completely wrong in my reading of the scene as a statement on the patriarchy, but I appreciated the sting of the moment nonetheless. It gave me something to think about as the movie limped to its conclusion. Odie "Odienator" Henderson has spent over 33 years working in Information Technology.

Read his answers to our Movie Love Questionnaire here. Jules Willcox as Jessica. Anthony Heald as Robert. Jonathan Rosenthal as Eric. Marc Menchaca as Man. Reviews Alone. Odie Henderson September 18, Now streaming on:.

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Home alone any girl wanna come over

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