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Oh my golly gosh, this is it! My final blog, my final set of words sent out into the wider world. Perhaps I should try to write something profound, something memorable, something to inspire and educate future generations to be the best they can be To be honest, I'll probably just ramble on as usual and post a picture of my stupid cat. Not many things in life are more inspiring than that.

It is strange though, I do feel that we are coming to the end or are we at the end? From the kings to paupers, there is no-one who has been left unaffected by the events of the last few months and it is something that will remember for our entire lifetimes. That said, I must add that there have been many things that I have actually enjoyed and even loved about lockdown and here are my top 3. Now of course, I know the last few months have not been easy and I don't want to make light of the momentous events that we have experienced. I merely want to point out that in times of darkness, little diamonds of light can be found if we are prepared to look hard enough.

We are all in different boats but have experienced the same storm. Together I hope that this experience can make us better, stronger and more understanding of each other. Yes, sappy and trite as it may seem, it is my hope that this experience can make for a better future. Oh yeah, here are some more pictures of my cat! So we're nearly there then, the bubbles have been revealed and most of you will be back in school next week.

I'm sure that many of you have been WhatsApping like crazy to try and find out who is in your group and what days you are in. I tried to be as kind as possible but there were many things to take into consideration before putting the groups together, not just friendship groups.

Anyway, I tried my best and that is all anyone can really do. We had another Zoom staff meeting last night I don't think I'll ever get used to Zoom meetings to go through any questions and problems with the grand reopening next week. I won't bore you with all the details but I can reassure you that there will be minimal risk and I will attempt to give maximum fun! Thus, tomorrow will be my last blog and I'm not totally sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, I have enjoyed expressing my thoughts, feelings and activities during lockdown but I have also occasionally found it hard to think of what to say and how to say it.

I hope that I have, on occasions, kept you amused, entertained and informed as we have moved through these strange times together even though it has been rather odd talking to people that aren't actually there and may only read what I have written hours in the future or not at all! At least in Zoom meetings I could see you! I think I may indeed print out my blog archive as a memento of these strange times.

Let me know if you want a copy! As I'm here I may as well tell you a little about what I did yesterday. After writing my short blog, we went out to Panshangar Woods to walk Peggy, our borrowed dog, I then came bacxk and Marvellous Me'd the bubble groups. My mum came round for a socially distanced lunch while me and Jack played in the paddling pool while I kept up with s and other work factors. Anyway, I'm going to off now and enjoy my last couple of days home schooling Jack. Today is 'Bubble Day', not officially of course but it is what I have decided to call it!

If you check Marvellous Me from around 12ish you will find out which group you will be in when you come back to school next week. I will write more then OK, I have now sent your groups to you through Marvellous Me. If you haven't received them in the next five minutes, please ring the school office and they will be able to let you know. I'm sorry that I could only let you know which group you are in but I am sure that you will be WhatsApping your friends before long to see who is in with you.

I have tried as much as possible to make sure you have a few good friends in your bubble and to accommodate those of you with siblings, I hope it has all worked out well. I think that's it for today really. I'll leave you to your excitement and continue to fill up our oversized paddling pool. Have a good time in the sun and try to keep cool. See you all soon! There it is guys, your socially distanced classroom with just one thing missing It was lovely talking to so many of you and your parents yesterday, only a few more calls to make today.

It seems as though most of you and your parents are as excited to get back to school as I am. I have to admit, I was honestly worried that I wouldn't be seeing most of you until next school year so this is going to be fantastic. Of course, there will be some bits that will be slightly strange too: Having separate desks, only having up to fifteen of you in the class and all the constant washing and sanitising. But having worked with the Year 6 bubble, I know that these things are only a slight inconvenience when compared with the joy of being back in school with your friends.

Plus, you don't have to wear school uniform and there will be many opportunities for fun and games. I may even let you choose some of the things you want to do within reason so bring your good ideas along with you too! Today is also tinged with a bit of sadness too. I have had great fun working with them and you lot will be extremely lucky if you get to work with her before your time at Hollybush comes to an end.

At the moment, they are doing their English and Maths yes there is still learning going on in school and there will be for you too! I may be ringing you soon so pick up if you get a call from an unknown , it might be me. I will miss writing my blog, I may print it out as a reminder of these strange times, but I will be more than compensated by having you lot in class from next week! Remember, there will be no more home learning grids after this weeks but I have put all the resources I was going to on the weekly tasks sub-.

There are also links to home learning resources at the top of the class so there are no excuses to not be working when you are at home. Keep it up everyone, you're doing great! Well hello there my lovelies, yes I am working on Father's Day and no, I don't feel good about it! Therefore, I will keep this brief and then go back to watching football, playing with Lego and eating takeaway.

As you must have heard by now, you are all allowed back to school! Of course, it will be slightly different to the school you are used to. Firstly, you will only be in two days a week on either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. Secondly, there will only be a maximum of fifteen of you in a class. Secondly, you will all be at your own separate desks. Many of you are bound to have questions and I will do y best to answer them when I call you all from Monday.

The main thing is; you can come back and get some structure back and, for some of you, to actually do some work! I promise that when you come back in do remember that you don't HAVE to come in I will try to make things as fun and normal as possible. Whilst I do want you to do some learning, more important is the fact that you feel good and positive about school.

In class I will be teaching the work that is on the home learning grids. So if you are in school on Thursday and Friday I will expect you to have done the three days of Maths and English lessons so that you are up to speed. Likewise, I will expect the children who are in on Monday and Tuesday to carry on the work that they start with me. At the moment I don't have much more to say than that. If you or your parents have any burning questions about the return to school, please or ring the office rather than me as I don't have all the answers yet.

In fact, no-one has all the answers yet but rest assured, we will be working very hard next week to get things ready for your return on the week beginning 29th June. I can't wait to see you all hopefully then! Happy Friday everybody! It doesn't matter what the world situation is, Fridays still seem better than the other weekdays and certainly cause for celebration.

As I usually say, why not do something nice to treat yourself or someone in your family? Try an activity from the Hollybush kindness calendar or the other one I have attached below and make yourself feel good this Friday. I have attached the answers to the reading comprehensions and the Maths challenges as usual, I hope some of you are attempting these and it is not just an exercise in futility on my part. You don't want to be part of the government's summer catch-up programme do you?! Check out that watch today's Newsround and read this Newsround article for more information.

I had great fun yesterday walking the lovely dog 'Peggy'. We went to Panshanger Park and had a lovely stroll in the rain. Peggy was an absolute dream apart from doing three massive poos that my wife fortunately picked up! Peggy is a German Pointer with a lovely nature and we will hopefully be walking her every Thursday until we eventually get a doggy of our own. It was so nice to be out with a dog again, there is something very cathartic about being in nature with a faithful canine.

It really restores your balance and helps you feel more positive about things. Of course, you don't need a dog to do this but they do sometimes give you the push you need to get up and out when you are feeling a bit lazy! As I said, Peggy has a lovely nature and greeted us at the door of hour house with a Croc in her mouth. Apparently she always brings visitors shoes. I can't wait for our walk next week. Anyway, I hope you guys have a great weekend. We've got another street party for two of our neighbours tomorrow. We wouldn't normally have done anything for them but lockdown has made people a bit more generous with their time and kinder to their neighbours.

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