Hiv single ladies

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Jump to . It can be an intense and exciting time, but it can also feel difficult to cope with everything. This is also a time when many people have their first relationships. Lots of other people have been, and still are in, similar situations.

Many people find it helpful to speak to a counsellor or a support group. Eventually your healthcare will be transferred to an adult clinic, which can feel like a big change. Think about what you can do to remember to take your treatment and to manage your appointments. For example you could:. Many people find that asking a family member or friend for support is helpful. They might even be able to give you a daily call or text to remind you to take your medication. You can ask your healthcare professional about any aspect of your health at any time. This includes asking questions about safer sex or contraception.

You may want to talk about this without anyone else being present. Making a decision about whether to tell your friends about being HIV positive is different for everyone. For others, fear of rejection, bullying or gossip makes telling people really difficult. You may find it helpful to get to know other people in the same situation. There are support groups and activities for young people living with HIV, which can help you to find out how other people are coping. Think about how they might react, and the kind of questions they might have. None of this is true. When you first meet someone, it can be really exciting and intense as you get to know each other.

When should you tell them that you have HIV? How will they react? How can you have sex without passing it on? While some of these questions do not have a single, easy answer, the good news is there are many reliable ways you can protect your partner from HIV. Taking your treatment to become undetectable , using condoms, and your partner taking PrEP , are all ways of keeping you both healthy. Deciding how and when to tell a partner involves a lot of the same thinking as telling a friend, and more.

It's not that bad and there are times when you forget you have HIV. Eventually, even when you remember you're positive, it's no longer an issue. Many clinics can give you free condoms and other contraception , as well as confidential information and advice. There are other ways of preventing unplanned pregnancy, including the contraceptive pill, implant and injection for women. Talk to your partner before you have sex so that you can share the responsibility for having safer sex. If your partner knows about HIV, it can make it easier to talk about using condoms.

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Hiv single ladies

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