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It felt like a no-brainer when I was asked what was the best Hawaiian island for singles. Oahu came to mind. It has the nightlife. Maui is the best island for singles who want a beach vacation plus activities.

Oahu is the best Hawaiian island for singles who are looking for nightlife. Kauai is the best island for singles who are looking for adventure. Molokini is best for anyone who wants to be alone in warm weather. How do you want to remember your Hawaiian vacation?

Romance, best yoga retreat ever, where you learned to surf, a relaxing get-away to clear your head, or all of the above is possible when you land on a Hawaiian island. Now I may be married with children my dog counts as but my experience on the islands is worth more than two cents for solo travelers. For some street cred, I lived alone on Oahu for a couple of years. Here is your place to figure out the best Hawaiian island to visit for singles. At the end of the day, the important thing is you come to Hawaii for a vacation because no one leaves with regrets.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Hawaii as solo travelers. With 9. I can guarantee you that. Singles some to Hawaii for the activities in a safe environment. Hawaii is full of activities from whale watching to yoga retreats to surf camps to ziplining. My best friend went on vacation with his parents to Hawaii when he was He had a great time as a single guy hanging with his parents at Turtle Bay on the north shore of Oahu.

His stories from his trip revolve around sitting in hot tubs with honeymooners chatting them up. He has the personality to make anyone laugh and enjoy every moment being surrounded by romantic couples while being single. Not everyone wants a vacation to Hawaii like that.

Most single or solo travelers come to Hawaii seeking adventure. A few come for love. Some visit the Hawaiian islands for the densest population of mating humpback whales in the world. Whatever your fancy for visiting the Hawaiian islands as a single person, make sure you pick the right island for your Hawaiian vacation. Unlike my friend, it is easy to avoid honeymooners if you choose. Only 5. Hawaii is a great place to visit for a solo traveler because it is safe.

Crime rates are lower than the national average and far lower than international destinations in the tropics. There are few sketchy neighborhoods and those are far from tourist spots and resorts. Violent crimes against tourists are nearly non-existent.

Tourists are typically targeted with property theft. Car break-ins at condos or when you are the beach or stolen bags at the beach. You can avoid car break-ins by not leaving valuables or bags in your car. Crime in Hawaii report provides a great summary of the types of crime e. Step 1, know what you want on a vacation. Most single people know what they want so this is an easy first step. If you are looking for lots of beach time sprinkled with some snorkeling and some hiking over 5 days then great. We can find a Hawaiian island for you.

If you are looking to never leave your resort until you are sore from messages than we have the island for you. If you are looking to bike down a volcano, get strapped to a zipline, and plunge into turquoise waters then we have the island for you. If you are looking for Captain Jack Sparrow, then maybe the Caribean or the Bahamas has better islands for you. Of course, you can always find a military bar or underground club in Hawaii but Hawaii is no Mexican spring break trip.

Hawaii can be expensive as it is a tropical paradise in America. All the Hawaiian islands offer surf camps, yoga retreats, hula lessons, health retreats, and spa vacations. All-inclusive hotels are rare in Hawaii and usually come in the form of a packaged trip. Snorkel cruises, sunset cruises, and scuba trips are popular activities on the islands.

Most people on these are with a partner so getting matched up for safety like on snorkel trip or scuba diving trip can quickly make you the third wheel. The best surf for new surfers is on Maui and Oahu. They are older islands so they have miles of white sand beaches. The Big Island has nice beaches near Waimea on the north coast. Kauai has the jaw-droppingly beautiful Hanalei Bay and beaches on the south coast but the north coast gets strong waves and undercurrents during the winter months. Kuaui, the Garden Isle, is more peaceful and quiet. Thus making it an ideal tropical paradise for a yoga retreat.

For a single person, Hawaii is safe, reliable, and fun. A solo traveler can get a latte and bagel for breakfast, walk a promenade, sit at the beach until they feast on a food truck lunch of local grindz, hike to waterfall, and then take a sunset, all you can drink sail to cap off the day. Waikiki, a neighborhood in Honolulu, is the place to be for a solo traveler who wants a beach vacation with some nightly spice.

And in Waikiki, you can take sunset cruises from your backdoor to start your night and go to a wide selection of bars in your front yard to end the night. Honolulu has lounge nightlife, Chinatown hipster nightlife, military bar nightlife hello Lewers Street , and causal hotel mai tai sipping nightlife. In a good way. Waikiki is clean, safe, and has a fun, hip vibe that makes for a fun trip as a single person.

Oahu is the most visited Hawaiian island with 5. Also, Oahu has the largest population of all the islands. With all these people, there is always something going on. Of course, Oahu has so much more to offer than nightlife. After living there for 2 years, I never got bored. The hiking is the best of any island as it is accessible for day hikes. You can get to waterfalls and swimming holes all over the island with a Google search.

Cultural activities are abundant like hula lessons, surf lessons, and cooking classes galore. There are plenty of long sandy beaches that are safe to snorkel alone. The waves are calm on the southside of the island all year. If you rent a car, not necessary but recommended, one can visit Pearl Harbor, The Dole Plantation, and amazing beaches like Lanikai Beach. What makes Oahu good for a single traveler is you can find budget options. You can also find lodging to fit any budget.

The joke is that he goes to Turtle Bay instead of Waikiki. A place for families and honeymooners. He still has fun though. Oahu never disappoints. Oahu is my Hawaiian island recommendation for singles who want to stretch their travel dollars and want nightlife with easily accessible activities during the day. Maui provides sun-filled and action-packed days. To the point where everyone is ready for bed after dinner. Maui is the second most visited of the Hawaiian islands and second in size behind the Island of Hawaii.

Perhaps due to its size and fewer people, it is known more for rejuvenating and more intimate vacation spot compared to Oahu. A-list celebrities and internet millionaires can be found on Maui enjoying the sites and the resorts. Singles heading to Maui can choose from a variety of trip types. Luxurious, 5-star resorts with secluded beaches abound on Maui like in Wailea on the southside.

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