Hadlow old women

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By Kathryn Doyle , Reuters Health. Researchers found that nearly 90 percent of women over 70 in the study had low sexual desire and a much smaller proportion were distressed about it. The combination of low desire and related distress is known as hypoactive sexual desire dysfunction HSDD and nearly 14 percent of women had it. Older people are increasingly remaining sexually active and sexual wellbeing is important to them, said senior author Susan R.

Davis of Monash University in Melbourne. Those who agreed received questionnaires asking about demographic data, partner status and health history, including menopausal symptoms, vaginal dryness, pelvic floor dysfunction, depression symptoms, sexual activity and sexual distress. Of the 1, women who completed and returned the questionnaires, about half were married or partnered, 43 percent had pelvic surgery and 26 percent had cancer of some kind.

About a third had menopausal symptoms and one in five had vaginal dryness during intercourse. In the entire sample, 88 percent reported having low sexual desire, Vaginal dryness, pelvic floor dysfunction, moderate to severe depressive symptoms and having a partner were all associated with a higher likelihood of HSDD.

Sexually active women, partnered or not, more often had HSDD than others. Vaginal dryness, associated with HSDD in this study, can easily treated by low dose vaginal estrogen which is effective and safe, she said. HSDD was also associated with urinary incontinence, depressive symptoms and hot flashes and sweats, she said.

Hadlow old women

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