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Three citizens' advocacy groups from Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore will host a "Tri-Valley at a Crossro" candidates' forum from p. The three citizen advocacy groups holding the forum are Pleasantonvoters. Kelly Cousins, president of Pleasantonvoters. Goel and Melissa Hernandez Strah. She said that proximity to the job centers of the Silicon Valley and San Francisco, BART and major freeway access, and high achieving school districts are among the many amenities that have contributed to the rapid growth of the region.

Among the specific concerns to be discussed at the forum will be school overcrowding in Dublin and a proposed new IKEA store along the I corridor and accompanying traffic congestion. Pleasanton candidates will be asked about Measure MM, an initiative on the Nov. Other issues to be discussed are traffic congestion both within Pleasanton and on the ading freeways and the city government's plan to build a new library and civic center on the Bernal property.

The schedule for Thursday evening's forum has Dublin candidates up first, from p. Follow PleasantonWeekly. I am looking forward to hearing what all the Pleasanton candidates say at this forum, learning about their past performance and their plans for the future. I hope they will give concrete and specific responses.

Many of my friends don't know anything about them and didn't come to the earlier forum. They just throw away all the political . I think we should all take this opportunity to learn about our government and be involved - this is a privilege most people in this world do not have.

Don't take it for granted! And, of course, it is the responsibility of the candidates to be actively engaged in events like this one. Since the City of Pleasanton would not reveal the true negotiations, the "Pleasanton Citizens for Responsible Growth" requested documents under the California Information Act.

This has been determined, to most likely be, the second worst deal ever made in the United States by a city to secure a Costco. Should the project costs increase, as is most certain, the Pleasanton taxpayer contribution will increase. Great idea these groups have. I am so excited to see the PleasantonVoters. To date the only organized voting group was the BACPAC or what they really should be called "back pocket" as they have been successful in getting city leaders in the back pockets of the developers.

Time for an organization to try and take control back to the residents. For Costco, it sounds like the city taxpayers will be ificantly subsidizing Costco. First taking money from the Traffic Fund reserve, which the money could be used to fix existing traffic problems plus bike and pedestrian safety, and a "loan" that is really a finance gimmick as Costco will not be paying the city back but rather the city will be using the potential sales tax revenue from Costco to repay the loan.

That sales tax revenue would typically be going to help pay for police, fire, libraries, and street maintenance will instead be used to to pay off the loan. It is really a gift to Costco and not a loan to Costco. How can any candidate support this corporate hand-out?

I think you have your own answer! Ok, I know this isn't all about Measure MM which I support and will most definitely vote YES- but, my goodness this is a lot of money and a very bad deal for Pleasanton. I will attend, and be most interested in the Pleasanton candidates' answers. Anyone supporting "No", either is too financially ignorant to represent us; or as res1 says, "deep in the pockets of the developers".

I would like to know who they are, and to hear their justification now that we have the documents to prove this corrupt deal. I wish we could vote on a new City Manager too! He must be deep into their pockets too! Plan to be on front row! Look for Mary. Too bad Pleasantonvoters.

Hardly unbiased. Whatever happened to the League of Women Voters forum? Follow the money. You criticize the two candidates who are not endorsed by the Chamber. For that reason, I will vote for them. Don't miss out on the discussion! up to be notified of new comments on this topic. What's local journalism worth to you? Support PleasantonWeekly. Stay informed Get the latest local news and information sent straight to your inbox. The issues facing candidates in Livermore will include downtown development, traffic and water. For more information about the event, pleasantonvoters.

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Group hosting tonight mm

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Citizens' groups hosting Tri-Valley candidates forum tonight