Grindr forgot password

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Do you need to recover your disabled Grindr ? Here are the steps you need to take. Have you used your Grindr profile to sell a service or product? Have you impersonated someone? Have you done something wrong? If the result is that you have a disabled on Grindr, you will not be able to talk to other guys, receive messages or do anything at all.

So how can I get my Grindr back, you may ask. The first thing is to know why your Grindr has been disabled. And there are a few reasons. Most likely, the algorithm or someone from the Grindr team has reviewed your profile and found content that is inappropriate or against the rules and terms of use of the service for flirting with gay men and trans women.

Among these reasons Grindr lists these as possible actions for which your may be disabled or suspended:. These are not the only reasons, but they are the most powerful for the automated system or the people behind Grindr to work as it should, being a safe space for everyone. And then yes, you will have a disabled on Grindr. So, how do I get my Grindr back? Well, if you have carried out any of these practices or others that go against the guidelines of the Grindr community, you will have been blocked, banned, or reported. In short, you will have had your disabled on Grindr.

But there are resources you can take advantage of to try to get it back. Grindr gives second and third chances to those who do things wrong. In fact, the suspension or disabling of your Grindr is usually the last and most drastic measure. In this case, with your disabled on Grindr , you will have to attend to this form offered by the Grindr service itself. This is an exclusive way of contact to request the recovery of the .

As long as everything wrong is changed, of course. It is not useful to search and write s explaining your case and the reasons why you think you should not have been suspended. It is only useful to use the form if you are really looking for how to recover your Grindr . When you click on the link you will find questions in English.

The good thing is that, by default, in the drop-down, the Ban Appeal option will already be selected. However, you will have to fill in the rest of the fields to be able to send the petition. These are the data you will have to fill in:. With this, your case will be sent to Grindr, where they will study it as soon as possible. In fact Grindr states that it will be a person outside the initial review and suspension to show the maximum possible independence. If your data is correct and you send the address with which you created the you can cut waiting times. However, Grindr does not provide any waiting times or information on how long this process of reviewing cases and appealing against suspension takes.

So you can only wait and receive an with information about it when it happens. Grindr may tell you in more detail what you have done wrong. If there has been a mistake, you will get your back. As we mentioned above, banning, suspending, or disabling your Grindr is the last option of this dating app. So you may have received warnings or seen words and photos deleted or not accepted on your profile before you got to this point. That is why the suspension of Grindr is forever. Although it is possible to file an appeal as we have shown above.

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Grindr forgot password

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