Grinding in a club

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Sexual Health. How far would you go with grinding if the guy was "cute" to you? And have you ever taken a guy from a club home? Share Facebook. Ladies, grinding at the club?? Add Opinion. I have sexy wide hips and a round bum and rhythm on top of that so I know how to work them fast or slow without looking like a spaztic kid. I'm grinding my ass and hips as hard and intensely as possible into your crotch. I love that! I might tease him a little bit and dance by myself and make him watch, then pull him back to me and press my hands against the wall, flip my hair all to one side so I can look back at him and shake my ass around a little.

I ask them to spank my ass. I beg them to spank it harder. I guess the point of the wall is so I can push back harder into him. Sometimes guys go crazy though. I know a couple guys will just start slammin into my butt over and over like we are having sex. I'm just like ok I can still grind on him but we both get to sit down and its much hotter. I can whisper dirty things in his ear which I love. I get up and dance in front of him, probably go to the floor at some point.

I've had guys pick me up on the dance floor or reach in front and try to rub my va-j-j. I was really into those guys and I usually reached back and rubbed them too. I did it once before and it was one of the hottest nights of my life but I would never do it again.

I have friends who take a different guy home on a regularly basis who don't dance nearly as sexually as I do. I'm just a little freaky. DAMN that's hot lol, wish I could grind on you ;. T-shirtsandkneehighs Yoda. I love grinding on guys at clubs, I especially like it when you can feel them getting excited and aggressive. I love it when he starts pushing harder against my body. I've taken guys from the club home before. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Grinding at the club? Your view on guys getting 'excited' grinding in the club? Sort Girls First Guys First. I've been known to get pretty frisky on the dance floor and when in the right mood will push my crotch right up a guys leg to his crotch.

Yes I have gone home with guys from clubs. Related myTakes. How the bible helped me cope with my moderate level depression. The facts about Communism and all its shades. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Grinding in a club

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