Great reflex day spa nashville

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Wednesday - Friday, 10 am - 5 pm. Saturday - Sunday, 9 am - 6 pm. Monday - Tuesday, appointments are available upon request with advanced notice; based on availability. Please call Book Appointments Online. Extend your spa experience with a luxurious overnight accommodations at The Joseph. Rooms dining Events Art Spa Packages. Reserve Your Room Close. A chance to live for a time amid world-class art on display throughout our Nashville hotel. Rose, a Luxury Spa and Salon In modern life, so many forces pull us away from ourselves, making the chance to sink into the present moment a luxury.

Rose is a refuge; it offers us an opportunity to pause time in the middle of it all. Spa Menu. Self-Guided Spa Journey 1. Staging Area. After a warm welcome we will prepare you for your spa journey, complete with amenities that invite you into ultimate relaxation, personal discovery, and a renewed sense of vitality. Your journey may bookend in one of our deluxe steam rooms, where you find advanced detoxification and deep cleansing. Recommended for both pre and post treatment, steam purifies the respiratory system and deeply cleanses the lungs to promote ultimate relaxation.

A steam room is located in each locker area for privacy and convenience. The ice fountain can be used after the steam room or entirely on its own. When experienced together, the combination of hot and cold stimulates blood flow and the metabolic system, enhancing detoxification and strengthening the immune system.

With the touch of a button, find yourself immersed in a warm island storm or beneath cool raindrops atop a mountain. Scents, sounds and visual effects combine in a multi-sensory experience of your choosing. Stimulate circulation and activate your heart with the reviving Fresh option, or select Tropic for exotic fragrances and hot tropical rainfall. Warm hues, plush seating, and soft natural light create a soothing ambiance to calm your mind as you escape the stressors of daily life. Awaken the senses with a cup of hot tea, and indulge in the deep relaxation and restorative effects of your treatment.

The world can wait—a little while longer. Each treatment at Rose begins with our ature Foot Bath, inviting you to relax and ground yourself prior to your treatment. Using a dry foot scrub followed by a warming foot bath infused with rose petals and house-grown botanicals, the ritual finds inspiration in the surrounding natural environment and indigenous elements of Tennessee, connecting you more deeply with a sense of place as you sink deeper into your spa journey.

Each treatment at Rose will conclude with gentle sound healing, an ancient technique used to bring harmony and balance to the body and mind. The specific vibrations emanating from Tibetan sound bowls resonate with your own subtle energy centers chakras to help release blockages and restore the healthy energetic flow within and around the body. Experiences Rose Indulgence. This indulgent treatment for back, scalp, and face harnesses the healing vibrations of rose quartz crystals and pure Damascena Rose Oil to release tension and revitalize the skin. A chakra-balancing back treatment soothes, a scalp massage relieves tension, and meridian tapping techniques revitalize and refresh.

Acupressure with hot poultices and rose quartz crystal restores the skin's naturally glowing appearance. As a garnet face scrub protects and energizes, a cooling jade mask helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. A blissfully balancing experience that restores positive energy, the Tranquil Immersion relaxes and revives both body and spirit for a profound feeling of calm. Targeting skin and senses, an all-over scrub prepares the body for a deeply nourishing, holistic massage while alleviating tension and restoring physical and mental health.

Inner equilibrium from head to toe is restored, finishing with a Rose facial massage and ature scalp treatment. Massages Rose ature Massages. Holistic Massage. This revitalizing and balancing full-body massage helps release toxins, reduce fatigue, and restore physical and mental strength while relaxing and reviving both body and spirit. Choice of invigorating, relaxing, or recovery oils. Restoration Deep Tissue Massage.

Wonderfully firm and soothing techniques in this deep tissue massage help to alleviate pain, cramps, old injuries, and stress-related tension as well as unblock stagnant energy. Grounding Stone Massage. Experience the grounding benefits of warm river stones. The radiant warmth of the earthy stones centers and intensifies healing; deep relaxation is found in revitalized muscles and a stimulated lymphatic system. This Tibetan body treatment restores a balanced flow of energy and vitality. A blend of five essential oils work together to stabilize the five sensory organs.

Tibetan cupping, kneading, and acupressure techniques help release physical and mental tension. Warm crystals and poultices bring harmony from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head. Enjoy the soothing benefits of nature's ultimate healing botanical, CBD. Deeply relaxing for body and mind, this whole-body massage targets sore back, ts, hands, and feet to ease tension and reduce inflammation. Deed for expectant mothers, our maternity massage relieves many of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and edema or swelling.

This ancient, healing art focuses on the areas of the feet that correlate to specific organs and integral body systems. As pressure is applied to the points on the feet, tension and fatigue are gently released in the body, restoring its natural balance. Facials Rose ature Facials. Hyper-Customized Facial. Your Biologique Recherche esthetician will select the best-suited boosters and products to de a personalized experience focused on . Hyper-Customized Facial with Remodeling.

Our ature Facial with the addition of Biologique Recherche's Remodeling Face machine strives to achieve wider-looking eyes, more pronounced cheekbones, less visible wrinkles, and a more defined facial contour—just some benefits of the Remodeling Face bio-electro stimulation that combines four currents for immediate and long-lasting .

Ananda Facial. Using Damascena Rose otto and sandalwood oils, we stimulate energy in skin cells. Specialized marma massage techniques restore natural luminance, while a green clay mask reduces inflammation. After one hour, skin glows with radiance and the body is filled with a deep and lasting sense of peace. Using ila's Renewed Recovery Collection, this restorative face therapy draws on intensely healing rainforest extracts to rejuvenate skin cells. Lymphatic drainage techniques, warm herbal poultices, and an Amazonian mud mask encourage toxin release, reduce water retention, increase blood supply, and boost collagen production.

Skin tone is brightened and muscle contraction is inhibited, softening fine lines and wrinkles. Gold Cellular Age Restore Facial. Using ila's Gold Cellular Age Restore Collection, this powerful treatment encompasses a blend of the world's most undiscovered ingredients that have been proven to work with the skin to heal and protect from the many natural s of aging. Skin is left thoroughly rejuvenated. Body Treatment Kundalini Back Treatment. Ideal for the emotionally exhausted, this nurturing treatment has an extraordinary restorative effect on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Ancient marma therapy and warm herbal poultices are massaged into the back of the body, while sound healing and chakra balancing lift away tension. Energy is released from the base of the spine, negativity is dissolved, and the body is brought back to a state of balance.

This restorative treatment finishes with a Rose facial massage. This amazing pearl and jasmine Himalayan salt crystal scrub has the immediate effect of restoring vitality and energy levels, mental clarity, wellbeing, and strength. The ensuing amethyst gel body wrap relaxes and balances the nervous system, stimulating circulation, regeneration of skin cells, and cell growth. Using the ionizing properties of Himalayan salt crystals, this scrub is gently massaged into the skin, resulting in rapid exfoliation and the elimination of toxins and tension.

The scrub cleanses and strengthens the bio-energy fields while combating stagnant cellulite, leaving mind, body, and spirits uplifted. The treatment finishes with a hydrating oil application. Salon Services Impeccable Manicure. Release tension from the hands and restore a noticeably younger, smoother appearance with this blissful combination of scrub, rose balm, marma massage, and hydrating rose quartz gel mask in addition to cuticle work and nail polish. A relaxing and energizing treat for flawless feet, comprised of an energizing and detoxifying scrub to smooth, marma massage and foot mask to stimulate, and vital energy cream to soften the skin in addition to cuticle work and nail polish.

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Great reflex day spa nashville

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