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Source: stackedandracked. Her tits were respectable, at least, considering her slender frame. Of course, she was skeptical, but she did her own investigating into his research and everything checked out. When he told her what he really wanted, she almost laughed, but it was relatively innocent, so she agreed. A couple month later, her boobs had grown to M cups and she was producing several liters of milk a day.

She sent a snap chat out to her friends, just so they knew she was ok after hardly hearing from her all this time. Needless to say, they were astonished. She led them all to believe that the straps on the outside were to help hold them up. That was half true. The full truth was that there was a lock on the back and only Master had the key. They were getting pretty full by now. That bra was quite constricting and she could feel them becoming more engorged by the second.

It was both arousing and painful. If she wanted to cum, she needed his permission. All kinds of desperation built within her all at once. Ally huffed and panted heavily, clocking up the miles on the stationary bike at her local gym. Her muscles and limbs burned with the effort she was putting in. Not even looking, she places the bottle up to her mouth and drinks, the white fluid already beginning to do its work.

After five minutes, Ally began to feel a bit hot. Not only that, but her clothes began to feel tighter than usual, the heat spreading over her concealed sex. Ally grinded her throbbing pussy against her seat, moaning and panting as her breasts and ass began to spill forth through holes torn in her outfit. The mischievous teen simply sat, admiring his work, one hand down his sweatpants furiously stroking himself to the sensual sight…. Give me a follow if you like. Visit thebreastonesever. Date: Source: rackt. Powered by Tumblr Deed by: Doinwork.

Great boob tumblr

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