Goddess nuit tantra

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Nut Egyptian Goddess from Wikimedia Commons. I sing of the Black Goddess Nuit. I sing of the limitless velvet expanse of space, which is not empty, it is her body, spangled with stars. I sing of the dark and fertile loam of the earth. I sing of the smooth cool depth of the obsidian cave where we reach the most profound mystery.

She is the night sky. She was born of Nut, the Kemetic netjer loved by North African brown and black people. What other color would she be? Before you read another word of mine, go read this: White feminist Paganism and the colonization of Heaven and Earth. The white ally has two jobs. The first is to make space for black and indigenous voices. Have you read the piece? The second job of the white ally is to interact with other white people to build anti-racist community. Ferguson makes the sobering observation that white feminism fused the White Goddess with Mother Earth to create a Divine White Feminine.

If you find yourself defensive while reading this I encourage you to do the exercises they suggest. Still with me? I am so happy. There need to be more of us. What do we do to change that? How do we deconstruct the White Goddess? I will be honest, when I first started thinking about the Black Goddess I felt a sense of loss. Just when I succeeded in creating an image of the divine who reflected my body back to myself I was asking myself to give her up.

How do I relate to her? Part of being an ally is to de-center whiteness. Sometimes that means I de-center myself. It is less important that I insist every image of the divine meets my needs, more important that I recognize the beauty in every image of the divine, and most important that I recognize the divine in every person.

I am not only a magician, I am also a yogini, studying Tantra in a Shri Vidya lineage. It helps a lot to relate to the Tantric goddesses. Kali in particular is dark and fierce, but she is also a loving mother.

Whatever her aspect, Devi is Ma. And I am her daughter. I am her emanation, her dream ; She is everything. This Nuit is the voluptuous night sky, beautiful and powerful, and decidedly African. I encourage you to check out the link. Here is a Thelemic thought experiment: re-read Chapter I of the Book of the Law while visualizing the Black Goddess speaking these words. Get newsletters and updates Close. Also, send me the Pagan Newsletter and special offers.

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Goddess nuit tantra

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