Girl kissing girl lyrics

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I got girls kissing girls, girls kissing girls She gon fuck her besty when her nigga on her nerves Girls kissing girls, girls kissing girls She don't want no dick, she want some pussy on her pearl. Let me gon tell you niggas what your bitches be doing Yeah my name is Jucee Froot, and like the gum she be chewing Say that before she met me, that she never would do it But it's something bout that [?

Let him be, bitch Got the same thing, bitch, I know what you need, hoe Don't you be a tese, bitch, let me feel your ring, hoe. Let me see your tongue ring, bitch Let me see your nipple ring, bitch Do you got a pussy ring? I don't gotta turn her out, told her what's up with that mouth Now she never at the house, tryna call me eat it out Why you cuffing, nigga keep that hoe in check Say she never smoke, but she be smoking out the pound She on that Reefer, watch how she'll eat ya She a bitch eater, never know, she'll be a creamer Wet wet, not talking [?

It's your boy Juicy J! Girls kissing girls, now they both gon eat a dick Holy shit, they got table manners, they swallo not spit Shawty lick, she just bought an ass, and I just bought her tits Spray my kids all in her face, she can't wait to baby sit I got girls kissing girls, they don't kiss and tell Bitch can't even hit my weed, if her pussy smell Superman in real life, KK is my criptanight Three Lois Lanes in my hotel having a pillo fight All this ass and titties around me, I'm enjoying the view Bad bitches coming through, maybe bring a friend or two It's that real ass nigga Juicy J, and my bitch Jucee Froot Pretty hoes with cammle toes feel like I work at the zoo.

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Girl kissing girl lyrics

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