Get wife to cuckold

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The kinkiest newsletter on the planet! Get weekly s deed to make your marriage happier, kinkier, and more fun! Fellow cuckolds: this blog post is for you! As you can imagine, cuckolding is a pretty unique fetish and not something most women or most people in general have been exposed to.

Well, I find that the best way is to do it after sex. For example, simple things like letting her take the lead in the bedroom can go a long way. And finally, I think that experimenting around with chastity is also a great idea. As a result, I would highly recommend playing around with other fetishes for a bit and then drop the bomb about cuckolding! Well, there are many small things you can do with your wife to get her ready to start cuckolding you. And it will give her a good idea of what your ultimate fantasy is.

This is great if you want to eat her pussy while she re out a sexy sex scene from the book! And finally, you can start roleplaying too. This is a very smart way to get her interested in cuckolding you. For example, you can pretend to be a BBC and seduce her at the bar…. Another fun thing you can do when you go out i. You are going to go out to a public place like a restaurant or bar at night. And then you are going to people watch. Play a game and see who you think your wife likes. Point out guys who are checking her out and talk about how she would seduce him to take him home for a one night stand!

People are much more likely to be receptive to an idea of they come to the conclusion themselves. Readers, what do you think about my advice? Is there something you would add or remove from this list? The Cuckold Manual will be your guide to your ideal cuckold relationship!

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Get wife to cuckold

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