G0ys r us

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TNG reader and movie reviewer Adam Isn't Here submitted the following post about an exciting new way to internalize homophobia! One of the many perfectly un-homosexual pictures on g0ys. I like to think of myself as pretty hip. The way I came about it is particularly embarrassing too: I was reading personal on Craigslist. I read the missed connections all the time, but Saturday I guess I needed something a little more titillating. Wait a minute…what the fuck is a g0y?

There are myriad websites addressing g0y issues, but the main instigator seems to be the proprietor of one g0ys. In my defense though, how anyone could be expected to slog through the entirety of that endless mess of a manifesto is totally beyond me. That place is set up like a goddamned conspiracy website. It just flashes and scrolls, and drones on and fucking on. Anyhow, back to the point at hand. Is that a zero instead of an A? How the hell do you pronounce a word with a zero right in the middle of it?

Good questions! Or annoy. Explaining what a g0y is seems a little easier than all that though. Like, they really fucking hate anal sex. For s and s they hate it. Also, a lot of them seem to be conservative Christians. Who cares? But does that really constitute a movement? Is this something new? And if I ever did I would immediately suspect he was a fag. The second, more sinister aspect, is the blatant misogyny. But when ever they are mentioned, the attitude seems to vary somewhere between dismissive and outright hostile. The suggestion being that doing things that women do is bad and shameful because women are themselves bad and shameful.

Fine in their place, and they certainly serve a purpose, but you know…lesser. That old story. I suspect that there will be some g0ys in the comments sections who will set me straight on this anyhow. If g0y. about Commentary , Sexuality. I hadn't heard of this. Having pecs and delts doesn't make you straight acting.

I had heard of this a few years back, and it made even less sense to me back then. Just because you don't have anal sex it doesn't mean that you're any less gay. If you are blowing your friend, you're at least a little gay. Changing a letter to a doesn't negate the essence of the word.

It just means that you're a little butt-weary and need to find the right teacher to show you the way :. Having anal sex doesn't mean that you have to be a "bitch", I mean, look at all the amazing power bottoms out there There is a hilarious bit in the UNVirgins section in which they bemoan the 'sloppy loss of language precision'. These must be the least self-aware people in the world. They really can't wrap their minds around the idea that you can be gay without having anal sex, if it happens to not be your thing.

Why people can't just be themselves without putting the entire world into groups of 'us' and 'them' is beyond me. Why is it so incredibly threatening to let people define themselves sexually? Why do The Gays need everyone to conform? This is funny! I thought that this what the "bears" were about- until I went to some bear things.

Sounds like the g0y movement is for the closet cases out there. I mean are they just looking for sex or a community? The g0ys disparagement of gay culture re just like the the non-stop disparagement of gay culture found throughout The New Gay Blog Play with your iphone and let them be. I think it's fascinating. A couple of random, unconnected things: first, I hope "g0y" isn't pronounced "goy" rhymes with "boy" , because that word is already taken: it means non-Jew, which makes no sense, in this context, unless there's some sort of anti-Semitic subtext here that I'm missing, altogether.

Second, just to throw this out there: some guys just don't enjoy anal sex. Similarly, some guys just aren't particularly attracted to super-effeminate guys. I don't think there's anything wrong with either of these as I've said, before, I think we, as gay people, should be comfortable with the notion that we don't choose who we're attracted to or what turns us on , and your post could be read to suggest that enjoying anal sex, for example, is a defining characteristic of being a gay man, something I don't believe to be the case.

I don't think that's what you meant, but it wasn't entirely clear. There's no way I can justify going to that site while I'm at work, but I'm so full of questions now! Are you allowed to talk about being g0y in public i.

Do you come out to friends and family as g0y? I'm not gay! Or is that too faggy? Are g0ys expected to stay bachelors for life, or marry a bitch and go on the DL? I will give them some credit for internal consistency. I always marvel at straight men who treat women like lesser life forms but want to sleep with them anyways It seems like that would be bestiality by their own logic. Anon, if you're replying to me, I have no problem with mainstream gay culture; I just don't identify with it. However, I don't have to disparage it in order to not identify with it. If other people on TNG want to disparage mainstream gay culture, that is not up to me.

If some men want to have sexual experiences with other men without calling themselves gay, that certainly doesn't affect me, but there's no need to insult people who feel differently. I think they just want to be left alone and not coerced into conforming to some universal Gay identity chosen and imposed by other people, straight or Gay. The way Gay Culture is organized really is kind of fascistic.

Allow other people to be different. In other words diversity is great Most recent Anonymous, MSMs don't insult gays by their nature. But the g0ys do. Check out the above and read their manifesto. I would like to call Shenanigans. The gay community has room for many different types of people. Seriously, the language seems a little hater in tone, perceiving themselves as superior and all so misunderstood. That said being critical of the gay community is not to be a hater. The process of coming out is often various stages of bargaining.

I may like guys, but I'm not going to do anything about it. I only doing to look at pictures. I'm going to get oral, but not give, etc. We've been there and we recognize this behavior in others, so we are critical of this fatuous floundering they call a movement.

Straight acting isn't superior and pecs and delts don't make you straight acting. If you are a man who wants to spend his life with a man anal penetration or no anal penetration getting off how ever you please with each other , you are gay. However, many Gays are really mean, nasty and hostile to anyone who is different from them. As an MSM I take it in stride. Point is there isn't 1 right and true way to love members of the same sex. Why does everyone have to conform? It sounds a lot like that Androphilia nonsense a few years back, remember that? Jack Malebranche, I think his name was, the guy who wrote the book.

Are g0ys allowed to have sex at all? The frat boy tone is annoying, but it has some emotional resonance. Lots of men, when they come out, lose friendships with straight men because suddenly their affection is suspect. So it makes sense that these guys would want to create a community where they can be open about their attraction and still behave like regular guys with each other.

It's kind of sweet -- though creepy too, I'll admit. I don't think it sounds "creepy" at all and I don't understand why so many TNG readers are so angry about it. Guys talk about how important it is not be "insulted" but every time I open a gay magazine or newspaper I am confronted with articles telling me how to measure up, what I should buy and how I should look. That is insulting. This "g0y" movement starts off sounding interesting. I don't really relate to the term "gay" very much either. And I don't let whom I sleep with have a huge bearing on other aspects of my life: I have no interest in conforming to any gay norm.

However, these guys are just downright offensive. I agree with Adam on the offensiveness of the statement that anal sex is degrading and the equivalent to playing the female role. All that being said, these g0ys are surely hated by mormons and other right-wing groups just as much as flaming queens, so they are potential allies in our struggle for equality.

I bet the g0ys are pro-marriage Ok ok ok ok. They just engage in the minority sexual activity of getting it on with other guys while whinging that they aren't like those sissy faggots over there who are also getting it on with other guys. It is an essential distinction. I think the "0" in g0y represents the loophole some Christians invoke to avoid having to admit they are having sex.

I think the g0ys are milking the same loophole. The Christian right says that being gay is not a sin, but having gay sex is love the sinner, hate the sin. And to those who would defend these guys' "right" to define themselves as they see fit, I say fine. Is this what all the failed, ex-gays are doing with themselves now? Sorry, one more thing. Is this what Christian Conservative Republican Sen. Larry Craig, from Idaho, meant when he said he wasn't gay?

A BJ in the bathroom would by g0y, Right? Duplicity about ones sexual orientation is the very definition of creepy, but more than anything it is sad. Rather than ostracize these so-called g0ys, I think it's more productive to focus on the forces that generate the homophobia, misogyny, and hatred they espouse, which are the same forces that keep them in the closet.

G0ys r us

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